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Exploring Social Issues


Mindless Mag operates in a way that enables us to explore a new campaign topic each month. These month-long campaigns offer a deep-dive into society at a multitude of levels and perspectives, from industries to personal experiences. With everything from politics on the red carpet, to the impact of plastic in our oceans, we harnesses the power of storytelling to understand our societies current state and impact, whilst bringing awareness as to where and how we must do better. 

Face Scuplture
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In the month of march, we'll addressing the lack of clarity around feminism and the ongoing presence of misogyny in society through our partnerships with partnership with Found & Flourish and Mayamiko. 



This January, in partnership with FiitMe, we're working out the links between Fashion + Health, from booming athleisure sales, to technological advancements, to fashion workers health concerns.


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It's February 2022 and we're stripping things down to the bare minimum with minimalism, to challenge the digital age of hyper-consumerism, overconsumption and waste, by finding the beauty more with even less. 



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The Fairnest Social Media Kit May 2022 (5).png

For our fourth campaign of 2022, we'll addressing the sustainable development goals through our partnerships with Refugee Women Connect, More Trees and Tred.  


This month, we'll be exploring consumerism through our partnerships with The Fairnest, Onee, Byelleven and Curobe.


This month, we'll be exploring the theme of sexuality with the help of our partners, Say It Loud, and Just Like Us. 

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This month, we'll be exploring climate action with our partners Climatalk and


This month, we'll be exploring the theme of Body Image!

The Fairnest Social Media Kit May 2022.png
The Fairnest Social Media Kit May 2022 (1).png
The Fairnest Social Media Kit May 2022 (2).png
The Fairnest Social Media Kit May 2022 (3).png
The Fairnest Social Media Kit May 2022 (6).png


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For our final campaign of 2021 we're returning to Fashion + Disability, in partnership with Unhidden and IZ ADAPTIVE  to amplify the need for functional and stylish fashion that cater's for different disabilities. 


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In November 2021, we are exploring fashion's cultural origins, influences and stories, and raising awareness on how we can all celebrate culture consciously and compassionately.



In October 2021, in partnership with Maison De Choup and Beyond, we're revisiting Fashion + Mental Health, to deepen our understanding of the seeming tug of war that is feeling good and looking good.

Mental Health

Fashion + Animals (57).png

This September, in partnership with FOUR PAWS UK, we're looking at how animals have been a source of survival, commodification and inspiration in fashion and how the industry must become kinder.


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This August, in partnership with Change Plastic For Good, we're looking at plastic, to break down its role in fashion, exploring how the material is polluting our planet and how we can move away from it.


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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea
Fashion + Festivals (11)_edited.jpg

For July 2021, we're exploring the fundamental role fashion plays in the festival experience, how different cultural festivals incorporate fashion in tradition and how festival fashion impacts our planet.



In May 2020, with the return of the red carpet, we reflected on some of the most iconic red carpet fashion moments and how it became a global stage for political statements and boundary breaking.

The Red Carpet


For June 2020, in alignment with World Oceans Day, we dived into Fashion + Our Oceans, to deepen our understanding of how fashion draws inspiration from and effects our vibrant blue planet.

Our Oceans


In April 2020, we looked into the rapidly growing concept of a circular economy and how its adoption and implementation across fashion, could help to transform the industry, as we know it, for the better.

Circular Economy

Fashion + Throw-Away Culture Content (8)_edited.jpg

In March 2020, we emphasised the increasing issue of throw-away culture, to identify how, when and why clothes seemed to become 'disposable' and what urgent action must happen to change this.

Throw-Away Culture

Fashion + Age 16_edited.jpg

In February 2020, we wanted to answer the question 'Does fashion have an ageism problem?'. With fashion and beauty alike heralding youth, our writers challenged this notion and celebrated ageing.


Fashion + Community 1_edited.jpg

2020, due to the pandemic, was a year of isolation for many, so we decided to bring in 2021 with a campaign celebrating togetherness, subculture, belonging and community, through a fashion lens.



Fashion + Technology 32_edited.jpg

By December 2020 we had a newfound appreciation for technology and its ability to keep us connected. This got us wandering how technology might connect us to a better fashion future.



In November 2020, our campaign was dedicated to storytelling that elevates the, often overlooked - topic of disability in fashion, to better understand how and where the industry must do better.


Copy of Fashion + Mental Health.png

In the second running of our first ever static campaign, and aligned with World Mental Health Day, October was dedicated to exploring the fluctuating relationship between Fashion + Mental Health.

Mental Health

Copy of Fashion + Diversity.png

In September 2020, we looked into one of the longest standing and arguably expansive social issues in fashion: diversity (or the lack of). Things seem to be changing, but is the industry doing enough?


Copy of Fashion + Psychology.png

In August 2020, we wanted to further our understanding of how fashion plays on our psychology, from how we access fashion to how we express the language of ourselves through these clothing choices.


Copy of Fashion + Sustainability.png

April 2020, was dedicated to amplifying the non-negotiable matter of sustainability, when it comes to fashion production, consumption and garment afterlife. After all, there really is no planet B.


Copy of Fashion + Body Image.png

For June 2020, we wanted to challenge the narrative of body image that fashion has notoriously bestowed on society for decades. Our writers share stories in celebration of self and others.

Body Image

Copy of Fashion + Global Crisis.png

In May 2020, as the unprecedented events of Covid-19 and lockdown unfolded, we dropped everything and switched our efforts to understanding the present and future implications on the fashion industry.

The Global Crisis

Copy of Fashion + Feminism.png

March 2020 was International Women's Day and was the perfect opportunity to discuss the role that feminism plays in fashion today and see whether the industry is a true advocate of women's rights and equality.


Copy of Fashion + Sexuality.png

In February 2020, we dedicated our campaign to celebrating the liberating relationship between Fashion + Sexuality and identifying how fashion is a tool for self expression and sexuality freedom.


Copy of Fashion + Influencers.png

We kicked off 2020 seeking to understand the ever-prevalent role of influencers in fashion, how they're changing social media usage and whether the concept is positive or detrimental to fashion.



Copy of Fashion + Veganism.png

Once seen as extreme, veganism is now a normalised and arguably mainstream lifestyle choice in many places worldwide. In November 2019, we looked at what this means when it comes to fashion.



October 2019 was dedicated to elevating consciousness around how fashion can impact our mental health and understanding the importance of setting fashion boundaries for our wellbeing. 

Mental Health

chasing the stigma_edited.png
Image by nikhita samala
Copy of Fashion + Climate Change.png

Following a year of global Climate Strikes, sparked by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, we allocated September 2019's campaign to explaining the role of fashion in the climate crisis, to help inspire action.

Climate Change


Our first ever campaign in 2019 explored one of the fundamental principles of the fashion industry: consumption. How have consumption behaviours have changed with technology and fast fashion?


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