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Fashion + Technology

By December 2020 we had a newfound appreciation for technology and its ability to keep us connected. This got us wandering how technology might connect us to a better fashion future.

After the testing and transformative year of 2020, many of us are looking ahead to the new year with hope and optimism for change and growth. Throughout 2020, technology enabled us to stay connected, enhancing our wellbeing in times of need. Technology has arguably enhanced all aspects of modern living, business and society, with the fashion industry being no exception. 


Technology is changing fashion, including increased sustainability and efficiencies in manufacturing, capabilities by AI (Artificial Intelligence), branded Virtual Reality experiences, to 3D scanning for more accurate body mapping and sizing measurements.


Technology is integrating itself synonymously regarding how we both produce and experience fashion - think of how Instagram has democratised fashion as an example. But will we lose essence of humanness in an increasingly digital fashion world or does this spell the beginning for a new, exciting and prosperous era for the fashion industry?

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