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Feminism 2022

This March, in partnership with Mayamiko and Found & Flourish, sisters are doing it for themselves! We’re looking at how fashion facilitates feminism and highlights where work needs to be done to achieve true sex equality.

Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes, but lack of clarity around the term and the ongoing presence of misogyny in fashion and society means this conversation needs amplifying.


Fashion has been a tool of women's oppression and liberation, at the same time, resulting in women being both ridiculed and empowered. Some women find empowerment through the hijab or ​​niqab, others feel free in a mini skirt and heels. 


Breaking down toxic masculinity also matters. To dress, cry or do anything ‘like a girl’, suggests a false inferiority. There’s also critique against fast fashion for being inherently anti-feminist. Around 80% of all garment workers are women, with many facing low wages, unsafe conditions and harassment. In the global fashion industry, only 14% of the top 50 fashion brands are run by women. 


There’s lots of work still to be done, so join us across the next 4 weeks as we’ll be sharing articles from a diverse range of writers at, to help fashion and society achieve true intersectional feminism.

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