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Fashion + Mental Health 2021

In October 2021, in partnership with Maison De Choup and Beyond, we're revisiting Fashion + Mental Health, to deepen our understanding of the seeming tug of war that is feeling good and looking good.

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Mental health refers to our psychological and emotional wellbeing and is something that all of us contend with at least once in our lives. According to various sources, mental health issues are rising significantly and between 1/5 and 1/10 people suffer with mental health every year.

Statistics show that people in the fashion industry are 25% more likely to experience mental illness, due to its fast pace and demand for the high standards. Consumers are also exposed to a constant stream of marketing content telling them what they should be wearing and offering false promises of fulfilment in doing so. Failure to keep up with trends can cause fashion FOMO.

Due to the pandemic, mental health has become a central pillar of societal concern. We’ve battled with uncertainty, isolation and a general decline in mental wellbeing. There's more need than ever to be able to talk openly about mental health, and from a fashion perspective, how fashion responds to our need for mental wellbeing. Can fashion cultivate positive mental health or will we always feel like we’re playing tug of war between feeling good and looking good?

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