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Fashion + Sustainability

April 2020, was dedicated to amplifying the non-negotiable matter of sustainability, when it comes to fashion production, consumption and garment afterlife. After all, there really is no planet B.

Although there may be no such thing as 100% sustainable fashion, the concept is undeniably at the forefront of conversation within the fashion industry. As brands grapple with growing consumer demand for more sustainable fashion practices, and consumers look inwards to challenge their own behaviour and consumption patterns, the environmental implications of fashion are truly in the zeitgeist.


This hugely complex topic brings about challenges and hope, of how we can continue to justify the current production rates of fashion, without jeopardising a fundamental part of our culture and identity. The very notion of this balance in argument brings into question if our desire for new clothes and style, has left Mother Nature as an afterthought. How sustainable can fashion truly be?

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