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Mental Health and the Fashion impact

A lot of people stress over bigger issues in society, like drug addiction, violence, obesity, and much more. Did you also know that more people these days are suffering and are feeling under pressure to keep up with fashion trends? But should we feel bad about ourselves if we don't follow the trends? Fashion is about expressing yourself in ways you are comfortable.

Fashion is a way to be yourself

Trends come and goes. Trends always evolve. But are the clothes comfortable for you? Do they make you feel good about yourself? Trends affect our mental health when the person doesn't accept them completely. Sometimes the best way to express your fashion is to make your own and express who you are. Social pressure is a major effect on someone's self-esteem. What you wear affects your emotions and attitudes every day. The connection between our emotions and mental health and the way we dressed is integral to the way we behave. It creates our identity. Emotions play such a significant role in our clothing choices because often it is not the actual clothes that we wear that determine our feelings and attitudes but the associations we have with them. Emotions also affect our mental health every day in our lives.

All is about being Yourself

The fashion industry is based on trends and seasons. Puffed sleeves, loosely fitted tailoring, and tie-dye is some of the trends that come to mind when considering the prevalence of items in today's fashion in the UK. In the past, fashion houses were introduced by fashion houses, published in a magazine, featured in shop windows, and then worn by a consumer. The runway still plays a pivotal part in fashion and always will. However, with the rise of social media, the public has taken inspiration from street style, fashion influencers, and fashion capitals worldwide.

People who dress the best are the people who don't follow trends because, ultimately, they will become the trend.

Fashion can also help you feel confident about yourself but your health is even more important after all.

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