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I Don’t Care for One-Time-Wear: 3 Ways to Kick the Habit

Fashion trends arrive and vanish at an inconceivable rate and the pressure to keep up is mounted on the shoulders of each man and women every day. Let us not pretend men don’t feel this burden too. The social pressure of constantly buying into seasonal clothing is a concern we need to un- learn.

It is far too easy to believe that those jeans you bought last year are now “out of style” and that the dress you bought for a wedding will never be worn again. In both examples all it takes is a little change of perspective and bam! You have an outfit you can wear for months, if not a couple of years.

The I-only-wore-this-once and its-just-not-me-anymore excuse can be shoved to the back of your wardrobe, not your clothes.

Mindful Buying

My mantra for shopping: shop with purpose not with boredom. These six words are the key to creating boundaries for yourself during your shopping experience, especially when those big, red, SALE signs are just so irresistible! A good bargain never fails to pull at your desires heart strings and inevitability you’ll walk just to sneak a peek.

However, this lack of thought and unintentional buying will more than likely result in the item being shoved to the back of your wardrobe. Does this sound like you? It sounds a little like me too. This is the moment is where you need to set your standard. It’s incredibly easy to buy things because of the price but if the items don’t scream “this is who I am!” what’s the point?

I’m not saying during a shopping spree you can’t have fun. Ladies and Gents, shop away! Help the economy! Studies have shown that shopping boosts your serotonin levels. Hold on to those good vibes.

Just remember the more thoughtful you are with shopping the less money you’ll waste, the less guilty you’ll feel and the less waste you’ll create. The more bags you have at the end of the day shouldn’t be an illustration of how good your shopping experience was.

In an era where mindfulness and self-awareness are becoming imperative, conscious buying is the first step to ditching one-time-wear fashion because we don’t care for it.

Make it Beautifully You

Now, before you skim over this section because you don’t think you’re creative enough let me just say… I think you are! I have worked in retail close to four years and it has taught me that customers love it when I offer a visual of how they can dress up and down a particular items and/or what they can do to revamp their clothing.

It can be as simple as cutting off the hem of your jeans up baby!

You’ve got to mix it up a little! Stand out, make it known that this is who you are. Clothes are such an important way of expressing yourself. Being creative with your clothing and styling can be a gateway to practicing how you connect with yourself daily.

I love to re-invent my clothes and for me, it’s 100% how I practice self-care. I find that when you invest in your clothing and how to you dress, it makes you feel fabulous! Add in a little customisation and you have a piece of clothing that is you through and through. The bonus? You’ll be more likely to wear it till it perishes. Then, you can make it into a bandana, scrunchy, cute bag. ANYTHING goes!

So, crop that old oversized tee you have, add lace to jean pockets or change up the button colours on your shirt. I’m telling you there are thousands of ways to re-vamp your wardrobe without buying more clothes. There is an undeniable feeling of accomplishment when you’ve made your clothes your own.

It’s time to calm down on the quick buys and quick bye-byes. Click here for more information on how to make it beautifully you.

We Love Pre-Owned

Two words that bring harmonising choir voices to my ears: charity shop. The number of apps that sell used clothes has skyrocketed. So, why not save on the sending fee and find some charity shops in your area? I get it, you have to rummage through some of the rubbish. It is not as quick and easy as an app but! When you find a gem, it is feeling like no other.

I recently moved to the Liverpool area and was astonished by the beautiful on trend items in multiple charity shops. Thank. God. They have finally opened. The good quality and clothes are cheap! Sale price cheap, and we love a good sale. The great thing about charity shops are the guilt free buying.

Firstly, you’re investing into the charity the shop is supporting. Secondly, sometimes clothes still have the original label on. Could it get any better? I don’t think so. The best the reason to go charity shop shopping? Buying used clothes is better for the environment as it’s more sustainable. How can this not make you feel good?

I feel my serotonin levels rising already. There are too many pros to checking out a charity shop during your city shopping spree. You might even find the piece of clothing or accessory that finishes off your dream outfit. Take a chance on pre-loved fashion, hidden gems are waiting. Need a little help? Click here for tips and tricks.

Kick the Habit

The rise and quick fall of trends can play havoc with your psyche and our want to colour in between the lines of the box the fashion industry have given is hard to withstand. But by leaving social pressure at the door good fashion can be whatever you make it.

Connect with your clothes, connect with yourself and breathe.

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