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Microblog: Your Mental Health Matters


We all view the world in different ways, with this we are able to develop our perception of the world and a path that takes us on a journey of mystery. Our Mental Health is widely affected on how we view the world and our behaviour towards what's happening around us. Our perception can be based on various factors such our experiences, our upbringing, the people we surround ourselves with and much more, its important to adapt our perception of the world into a positive environment, where we feel safe and inclusive regardless of the bad things that may surround us, there is also so much good to experience and with this, it gives a healthier mindset to perceive the world in a better light.

Ways to look after your mental health and wellbeing

  • Relax - With so much going on inside your mind, you may find it difficult to relax, this is normal and its okay, try to find a relaxation process or activity that will work for you, examples: reading, meditating, exercising, go for a walk, and listen to music/podcasts. (there are many other ways in which you can relax, by trying these activities you invite yourself to a different place, a sense of freedom - even if its for a short time, you give yourself a break

  • Connect with People - If there's anyone you trust or you generally want to speak to, reach out and connect, don't be afraid . You are not the only one who may be going through something. There are many support groups and people out there, who are willing to listen and support.

  • Healthier Diet - By changing your diet you are welcoming new flavours and tastes to your body, dieting affects your energy levels, develops brain health and also helps combat diseases.

For more information and support on Mental Health and Wellbeing visit: Mental wellbeing - Mind

Motivational words

Our Mental Health and Well-being plays a huge part in our daily lives, we all go on different walks of life and live different experiences which develops us as individuals, our behaviour, our thoughts, our emotions. Life can be a rollercoaster, its not a straightforward journey which is why we have to look after ourselves and train our minds to see the positive things in life! we are strong in our battles of life and we will overcome and push ourselves for better. The importance of looking after our mental health is so we are able to find our purpose and learn more about ourselves, not letting negativity and mistakes define us and looking forward to our future. There may be days where you are low, days where you feel you cant achieve you goals, days where you feel everything is falling apart and there is no way out... but its temporary, as much as it can feel like a burden on your life, support is out there and you are not alone, it may take some time but its a process of bringing yourself into a place where you feel wholesome and happy with a peace of mind.


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