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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & People & Actions That Inspire

Are You An Expert, Commentator, or Activist?

SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals are such buzzwords nowadays. Everyone has an opinion about it, but how many of us work towards these goals and spread our activist spirit daily?

"The SDGs build on decades of work by countries and the UN."

A bunch of experts gathered to define The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development or as they called it- 'an urgent call for action'. These actions are supposed to make our lives on this planet better. So, what are we waiting for? Ask yourself, what do I do to tackle at least one of the SDGs? Do I consciously live as SDGs are about taking action, making conscious choices, and being aware, aren't they?

There are 17 development goals and guidance on what they are and how to tackle each. See more about specific goals here.

Examples Of Conscious Actions That Align With SDGs

Here are some inspirational people, actions, and real-life examples of those who have successfully taken actions that align with SDGs. Remember, sometimes we need to think globally and act locally for sustainability.

OREA platform is a local business from Bosnia and Herzegovina run by Senita Slipac, a Bosnian-American lady who flew with her parents during the war in Bosnia in Herzegovina to the United States. Years after, Senita came back to her homeland and started along with her team the Bosana Foundation and OREA platform. Having a global mindset and skills, but acting locally seems to be a match for positive changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both Bosana and Orea are impact-oriented.

They promote educational opportunities and sustainable business practices. Bosana gives scholarship opportunities to marginalized students in Bosnia and Herzegovina and believes that equal right to education changes everything. OREA is an online platform that promotes and cooperates with local handcraft and small businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. OREA is a local business-oriented to those whose products are mostly handmade and sustainable.

This is an example of how you can contribute to SDGs by starting with small changes in your local community because thinking globally and acting locally can be powerful tools to inspire others too.

Leonardo DiCaprio, an Academy Award®-winning actor, has been an outspoken advocate for United Nations and environmental issues throughout much of his career. Mr DiCaprio also serves on the board of several environmental protection organizations. Di Caprio often promotes small communities and calls upon governments to act toward the SDGs and climate change challenges.

Among many, he supports the movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina to stop the construction of small hydropower plants on the rivers and advocates for the protection of natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rivers are under direct threat and Lejla Kusturica-a young Activist and Director at Foundation Atelier for Community Transformation - ACT succeeded with people from the community and protests to abolish the law that was in favour of small hydropower plants.

"Europe’s western Balkans is filled with incredible wildlife and beautiful rivers. It’s known as the Blue Heart of Europe. Lejla Kusturica, director of ACT Foundation works with communities, activists and artists from across the Balkans to keep the region’s rivers wild. Activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina have organized protests, sometimes lasting hundreds of days, to protect their local rivers from small hydropower dams. Thanks to the efforts of activists, in 2021 Bosnia and Herzegovina stopped guaranteeing subsidies for small hydropower dams, which divert water, and can restrict water access and threaten wildlife. Balkan rivers, including those in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are considered the most important hotspot for threatened freshwater biodiversity in Europe. There are 113 Endangered freshwater fish species in the region and 69 fish species that only live in Balkan rivers." says DiCaprio on his Instagram post for 2023 Earth Day

There Are So Many Other Ways You Can Get Engaged and Contribute.

SDGs are not prescriptive, they are there for you to be creative and improve life on this planet, and take action on stuff that you are passionate about. In the end, each person has to start with themselves and raise awareness about how we live, what we consume, how we treat each other beings and how conscious we are about our choices in every segment of our lives. It is about taking responsibility and using passion not just to live, but to thrive.

Read here for more on how to take action...and remember, it's part of our responsibility!


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