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Throw Off the Shackles of Beauty

Beauty is not a necessity
Emancipate yourself

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

There are numerous female celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery and medical procedures in order to maintain their beauty, and these celebrities in turn communicate this anxiety to their fan base and the general public through the media. Severe anxiety about one's appearance can develop into a psychological disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, in which the sufferer focuses on their body. This can lead to depression.

Freedom from Beauty

According to scientific research, the highest incidence of appearance anxiety and even body dysmorphic phobia is during the teenage years. This is because people are not yet mature enough to cope with stress, and their perception of themselves is based on external evaluations of themselves.

The first task in overcoming appearance anxiety is to stay away from the source of your anxiety. Stay away physically if you can, and if you can't, then say seriously when they continue to judge you, "Please don't make that joke, it's not funny." The best way to keep yourself from being allergic is to stay away from the allergens.

And once you've gotten away from them, you can immediately go on to your second task: please magnify your beauty to the utmost. This is crucial, because what is at the heart of body dysmorphic phobia? It's the fear of flaws, even things that can't be called flaws. Starting today, instead of looking in the mirror and observing your so-called flaws, please stare at your good points for five minutes and then name the parts of yourself that are good out loud. After a week of this, you'll probably have built up a lot of confidence!

Once you've done this, the third step is very achievable for you, which is to shift your focus. To put it bluntly, it's all about reducing your research into your appearance. Don't spend so much time on it, people have a limited amount of energy, so put that limited energy into something worthy of your attention.

Finally, I would like to conclude with the fourth and, in my opinion, the most important step: people need to come to the realisation that beauty is not the most important thing. Beauty may bring you momentary convenience, but without other talents and learning as capital, the benefits gained from beauty cannot be permanent. May we put more time and energy into improving our inner selves and be a better versions of ourselves together.


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