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Body Image

Body Shaming - Bullying

People live in a society where people make fun out of people's bodies making them feel unwanted and depressed. This is absolutely wrong because everyone was created differently. A person who is name calling them "fat" is disrespectful and rude. This is because food is not always the cause of a person being fat. It may be due to pregnancy or medicines that make them fat. This impacts people as they want to avoid social situations, due to them not being treated in a respectful and fair way. This type of behaviour is terrible as it can cause students not to want to go to school. This is de to the bully picking on them and not stopping, which can lead them to miss school, leading to isolation at home. This can cause students to have depression, which can impact them for the rest of their lives. They may develop anger issues due to the depression of being body shamed. The student may have to change schools due to how bad the body shame bullying is. This may make them feel ugly due to body shaming. This is wrong as you would not like if someone did the same body shaming to you. This is why everyone needs to treat others with respect, and how others would like to be treated.

Obesity concern

Those who have obesity get judged all the time. This is because people are judgemental. Rude comments on social media such as Tik Tok is unacceptable. This makes them not want to post pictures of them due to people making nasty comments about them. Whether they have obesity they should not be treated this way. This makes them worried even more as they are not liking their bodies, but people talking about fat people is wrong. They may be obese due to other reasons. People shouldn't make assumptions and think its because people eat a lot of food. There can be other reasons why they are obese. One of the reasons is their genes making them obese. People shouldn't judge them for being fat because this is their struggle as they gain weight fast. People should give them good advice but not make or laugh at someone who is obese, because no one would like it if you was experiencing the obesity body image concern.

Skinny Shaming

Skinny guys including myself get judged for our bodies. People are judgemental and making comments such as weak, small and tall. They also say you should go gym because of how skinny the person is. This is wrong because everyone is created differently. When a person is very skinny, they may get told you look like a skeleton or other rude comments. This is unacceptable because skinny people have a hard time gaining weight due to their fast metabolism, but also because their body are ectomorph which is lean and less muscular, which is nothing wrong. However saying to a skinny person, "I would die if your skinny" or "I wouldn't be friends with you" or other bad comments. This would be rude and it shows that people just purely focus on their body image. Skinny people do have struggles, so do fat people. We should be equally treated as normal people. Being skinny may be due to genetics. We should treat everyone fairly and not make them feel negative about their bodies.


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