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Your Opinions are Mine

Communication is vital in our world, but how do you communicate? People prefer face-to-face, while some prefer using Social Media which one's better? The truth is communication between two people needs appearance that is 'how you look' and on social media. Filters essentially are for having fun, but nowadays some celebrities, influencers, and models use these filters on their social media pages to look even better. People don't realize that opinions about how you should look must not be said directly to you.

Self Confidence

There are many teens who want to be in a relationship but have no confidence. Due to the use of filters during conversations you hide your true identity ' Snapchat Dysmorphia '. Not wanting to have a face-to-face conversation is a way of hiding, you then become more of an introvert, shy, and lonely.

Now all of these are common side effects of using filters as your real image that is ' blurring the lines between the real and the filtered ' why not embrace your natural figure and find confidence in yourself rather than using filters? To sum it up if using filters to get a boy or a girl and then meeting up one day he or she doesn't like what they see then what happens next?

Physical Changes

The world has started to care more about helping nature and wanting to be more natural. Taking your natural appearance and making it artificial is something to be considered deeply if its, not a health challenge, then why?

Men/women tend to get that filtered look, so it stays permanent with or without the filter. Looking forward to most celebrities' lives they have major setbacks or regrets the thing is not only are we helping the world to become natural but also ourselves. This is when dislike comes in are you doing this to get married there's a really low chance you will because one will say oh his/her looks aren't genuine so therefore I can't. If you embrace yourself and carry yourself in a respectful manner there will be no need for you to waste money on carrying out surgeries, getting spiked at on Twitter, getting mocked on videos, and being pushed away by friends or worse family.

Your Opinions are mine

In a world like this, we all have opinions and these opinions are based on conditions which are: I don't want your opinion and I want your opinion. Not knowing what's best for you is daring to try, people take advantage of your current situation and attack using ' opinions '.

When it comes to how you, look pay less attention to the part ' use this it will ' now this part comes with such authority given to the person to dictate what should be done to your current situation. For instance, use this foundation to look fine, which means you weren't regarded as someone who's good-looking from the start. You need to stand up for yourself no matter the condition and speak up. Forever know that you are beautiful with or without opinions.


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