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Why is the Human Figure Redesigned accordingly to Society?

Learning to appreciate ourselves based on body image is a slow incremental process that we all do have to experience, well at least most of us. The way we look has become so central to our self-esteem that our whole day can crumble if you don’t believe you look right or look as to how societies has dictated. We then attempt to alter ourselves based on mass media in order to harvest preconceived emotions the media has associated with having a healthy body image.

Beauty is unfortunately still predominately associated with stick figures. For centuries; magazines, newspapers and every other form of media have profusely paraded skeletal models (ultra-skinny) performing luxurious acts, displaying happiness and doing everything the average would dream too. We are passively convinced to hate our own bodies.

Don’t believe society’s hype.

As society evolves, you’d expect an embrace of body positivity. However, society still believes it can dictate your looks, shame you because you’re different? Simply because you don’t fit into society’s expired beauty standards. We consume media daily, a system whereby being fat or big receives heavy criticism, but skinner people are considered society’s spokespeople. This simply allows them to push their narrow perspective of skinny is good, back into society.

As a so called big or what society refers to as fat person, I have always struggled with completely understanding the reason why I needed to alter myself to make others happy. I’ve never thought the way I looked was an issue however, having three somewhat fit siblings resulted in my weight being a constant topic of discussion. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was encouraged to go gym constantly, I’m pretty sure a huge percentage of my mum’s retirement savings went to my gym memberships. Unfortunately for her, it never really did work as I didn’t personally see an issue with my body. Losing weight and redefining our body image should be an option, we as individuals need to independently make that decision, or you’ll end up simply wasting time or your mum’s money as I did (sorry mum).

You define ‘Beauty’.

Body positivity should come from within, as a society we should focus on attaining confidence and possibly starting to learn how to mind our own business. However, I do know that’s easier said than done. I have always had confidence in the way I look, it may not be what society expects or dictates however, it makes me happy and my confidence has never made me feel unequal to anyone smaller than me. I may have been laughed at or made a joke of. But I do believe that as human beings we do all have the ability to rise above any situation and as long as you’re content with yourself, mere words shouldn’t penetrate your day. Nor contribute to emotional distress. Love your size, colour, gender and sexuality! Love and cherish your bodies. If you can’t, nobody will.

It’s a shame that society still holds a double standard, research exhibits that obesity results in the upsurge of potentially developing serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure for example. Science clearly uses the word ‘obesity’. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that because you weigh more than the average, that you have additional health risks or are prone to them. Being overweight isn’t bad, it’s a gift that differentiates you. Why fit in? Stand out beautifully.

The Fashion Industry have the power.

I have always personally found comfort in dressing up, elevating myself to look the best I can. The fashion industry dominates the media, they are somewhat dictators. They do play a big role in society’s biased views linking to body positivity. Their influence and power have outlined what it is to look good or bad. It is an issue that the fashion industry itself has come to acknowledge is a devastating and threatening problem to all. Progressively designers are now using their platforms in full steam to promote and emphasize the importance of size diversity in fashion. The future does look more positive for us, just imagine a world where everyone is respected and celebrated regardless of their size. Traditional beauty standards will slowly diminish.

Fat shaming is overlooked, it is bullying!

At some point in slender people lives (not all, but most), they do convince themselves that they are nutritionist and suppose they are qualified to offer their unsolicited opinion on your looks. Which has never made sense to me, me knowing how to dress well doesn’t make me a fashionista nor does it permit me to comment on everyone style. Health policing is bullying, especially if not asked for. Being healthy is defined by the World Health Organisation as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. As long as you’re doing your very best to stay sane in this crazy world, it should be good enough for you and whoever’s in your life. You can’t make everyone happy, but you definitely know how to make yourself!

Do not be tied down! Embrace and Love yourselves.

I do believe everyone has their own set journeys in life, whatever that may be. Loving our bodies is something that everyone experiences. You’re no more different than anyone else, learn to accept yourselves for your gifted heavenly bodies. Just because you’re heavier on a scale, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good or positive about the way you look. Size is literally a number. Why get distressed over a number if its not to do with money (that’s how I thought about it at least)?

You can’t control what people say. Even throughout my actual weight loss, comments would still be made regarding my weight which again didn’t make any sense to me as I had lost more weight than most people do throughout their entire lives and yet people still believed I wasn’t healthy as I’m not thin. When I’ve never wanted to be thin. The point I’m trying to make is that you should honestly just do you, whatever puts a smile on your beautiful face. You really do only live once, try not to submit to society’s standards because being dominant is so much more fun. Beauty does come from within! It may take time to appreciate yourselves, but you will. It’s all growth, just a part of life.


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