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The inclusivity and diversity of fashion brands in this world

In every walk of life importance should be placed on increasing the level of diversity and inclusivity in this world. Sadly, that is not the case in many aspects but it has become apparent that some fashion brands are making it a reality. We should not only identify them, but also celebrate them.


To think of an inclusive and diverse fashion brand, look no further than TomboyX, as the company has the goal to create an underwear range for everybody and anybody. The development of a gender-neutral range has seen sizes range from XS to 4XL for as little as £15. Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, partners in life and in work are attempting to fill a gap in the market, creating “underwear that anybody could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum”. The idea is to adapt the stereotypical masculine-styled trunks and boxer briefs by making them suitable for women.

To produce the underwear the brand adopt sustainable and eco-friendly processes. As all items are oeko-tex 100 certified which is a highly-regarded internal standard for non-toxic fabrics. As a result items deliver unique, eye catching designs which supply ultimate quality, comfort and sustainability.

Across TomboyX’s Instagram and Facebook pages a message of inclusivity is clear. As the bios quote “We fit you because fitting in was never the problem”, and “Be exactly who you were born to be – no apologies” reflect strong intent. Representing the message that no one should change who they are as everyone is equal and everyone can express themselves. Also delivering the message that TomboyX is here for everyone as they want people to be an individual and to not be blinded by the stereotypes of this world.

TomboyX are proud to be a member of BRANDS x BETTER. A collection of brands which unite together to give back to those affected by COVID-19. Where all member are pledging to donate 2% of their proceeds to charity during the pandemic. Indicating that TomboyX are trying to let people express themselves, whilst helping people in times of trouble.

Marks & Spencer

It can be argued that fashion is hard to come by for the 1.5 million sensory or physically disabled children in the UK, until now. As Marks & Spencer have joined the movement to celebrate diversity and inclusivity by introducing the easy dressing range. A range which intends to make getting dressed less difficult for disabled children.

Over two years Marks & Spencer have worked tirelessly with experts and parents to develop a range with ultimate functionality and comfort. The clothing ensures that medical specifications are met by adding discreet pockets for feeding tubes or extra space for casts. Whilst the softest materials are used to ensure fabrics do not irritate sensitive skin. Also the clothing designs are identical to the standard children range, excluding the mindset that these disabled childen are being treated different to the rest of children.

To market the new range Marks & Spencer used a diverse range of models with varying disabilities, reflecting the work Marks & Spencer are doing to ensure inclusivity. With the mission to ensure that everyone is treated equally and have the same opportunities.


Sotela are a Los Angeles based clothing brand that have the core value of body positivity at heart. As the brand hopes to restore a relationship with clothing whilst celebrating the strength and resilience of a person’s body. As Sotela focus on fit rather than labelling; so small, medium or large terms will never be used. As a result Sotela inspires to make people stay true to who they are and to not change for anyone.

Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp, linen and Lyocell are used to produce Sotela clothing. Providing consumers the mindset that products are of high quality for the present and the future. Whereas Sotela outfits are timeless, minimalist and contemporary designs that catch the eye of anyone, that can be bought by anyone.


For many ASOS are one of the first companies that come to mind when shopping online. The reason for that is due to ASOS selling around 850 brands in more than 30 different sizes. By providing ranges in petite, tall, plus-size, maternity or main collection it allows everyone the chance to get the fashion they want. Yet still, ASOS ensure that all sizes and ranges are the same price.

Delving deeper into ASOS reflects a people orientated company. In the sense that they want people to believe in a “world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment, to express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is”. ASOS are also a proud partner with GLAAD, who promote acceptance in the LGBTQ community. The aspiration is to stand up for people’s beliefs and backgrounds, ensuring that everyone is equal in this world and do have a voice to share.

In a modelling sense, ASOS do not conform to any stereotypes. Instead partnering with over 200 models of different sizes and backgrounds. Also unlike some fashion brands, ASOS do not digitally alter the appearance of models either. As that makes ASOS a part of who they are, a company of inclusivity. A company that embraces people for who they are.

As well ASOS are proud partners of the British Paralympic Association by providing the ParalympicsGB team with their formal and ceremonies outfits. A range which caters to the athlete’s needs whilst making them look great is of high priority. ASOS have shown that they adapt for people, not people adapting for ASOS.

Cold Laundry

Cold Laundry are an up and coming brand that believe in “escaping the noise” of everyday life, instead being a place of peace.

The premise of the company is to create a brand and environment that is open to everyone. Developing a clothing range that is completely unisex by providing sizes for both genders. As a result, models come from male and female representation to show the fit for both genders of consumers. Though, models are from a demographic that has been overlooked for many years. A demographic of the non-white community which only had 36.1% representation across 229 shows and 7,431 runway castings in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Subsequently, Cold Laundry are trying to break the stereotypes and discriminations of this world. Bringing the non-white community to the foreground of everything they do.

The positive impact

To comprehend the impact of the five brands above for increasing diversity and inclusivity, it is undeniably a substantial step in the right direction. People are now more willing to express who they are and what they are. It is evident that there are brands out there that understand people of different beliefs or backgrounds and will not judge them for it. Instead, they are brands that are willing to adapt for people rather than people adapting to brands or the social norm.


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