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International Stress Awareness Week

This month, in relation to our campaign on SDGs, we are focusing on International Stress Awareness Week.

What causes stress?

Stress, what is it? Stress is most commonly experienced as feelings of emotional or physical tension, often in reaction to circumstances and surroundings. Although stress can sometimes be a good thing, we live in a world in which we are constantly connected, at any moment we are one click away from accessing anything we wish to. This ease of accessibility has made us reliant on the virtual world in which we exist, so intensely that we are paying less attention to the lived realities of our lives. Being glued to our phones plays a large role in causing stress and anxiety, as it often leads to sleep deprivation. At Mindless, we are big believers of this. Although social media has allowed us to create a community to discuss stuff that matters, we also understand the importance of taking a break. Your instagram account isn't going anywhere, but those around you are. For this reason we encourage you to take part in our scroll free Sundays. Take the time to relax, rewind and disconnect yourself from the virtual world.

Equally as influential as being too connected, is a lack of good stress-release mechanisms. With the increasing demands of everyday life, stress is sometimes inevitable. But it can be managed using the right stress relief techniques. There is no right or wrong way to manage your stress, different things work for different people. For many, through practicing meditation, yoga, mindfulness or exercise stress can be relieved. Others might destress by taking part in activities they find therapeutic or relaxing. As a brand all about self-care we offer free mindfulness workshops every Friday morning through subscribing to our newsletter.

Promoting Good Health and Wellbeing

This week is especially relevant to us this month as it aligns with the fourth sustainable development goal; promoting good health and wellbeing. Raising awareness for stress and how to prevent it contributes to ones general wellbeing.

To kickstart your personal journey to reducing general stress, take a look at these starting points:

  • follow a healthier diet

  • minimise phone use

  • practice self care

  • reduce your caffeine intake

  • practice deep breathing

  • spend time with friends and family

  • create boundaries and know when to say no

  • avoid procrastination

  • practice mindfulness

If you think you need a little more guidance, head over to our #lessmindless challenge.


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