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It's Time To Be Less Mindless


We know the hardest part is holding yourself accountable

- so let's do it together. Throughout the month of March, join us in working on being less Mindless. We'll be posting daily video content on our socials to help us keep track, and we'd LOVE to have you join along! 

Being mindless means to live by making unintentional decisions. It stops us from being curious, exploring our minds, questioning the status quo. Our mission for March is to do something mindful every day, whether that be taking some time to watch a documentary, listen to a podcast, reconnect with nature...

To help to keep eachother on track, we're going to be using #mindlessmarch as a way to hold ourselves accountable - together. Use the # to share a daily post, reel, or story.

We want this to be as easy and ENJOYABLE for you as possible. It's not about adding pressure to yourself, it's about building daily habits that you LOVE, so we've created some tools to help you along the way!

By joining our #mindlessmarch challenge, you'll have FREE entry to our Friday morning mindfulness workshops. Every Friday throughout March, 8 am GMT.

#mindlessmarch #lessmindles





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