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How I’m Learning to Love my Plus-Size Body

Growing up plus-sized in the 2000s was an embarrassing struggle. When everyone was copying low-rise jeans I felt self-conscious of my belly. When the latest trend was miniskirts I had to wear biker shorts under my dress to stop my legs from chafing. By the age of 8, I was conscious of being bigger than everybody else in my class, conscious of my childhood body and how other people viewed me. I felt like I had to be extra cool and extra funny to make up for the fact I had stomach rolls, chubby cheeks and fat thighs. No matter how many diets I went on or how many exercise routines I did I never quite lost my ‘baby fat’.

Since then I have learnt, with trial and error and help from the positive side of the internet to accept myself and my body. As I’m growing a career in the fashion industry comparing my body to thin, tall and beautiful models is still a regular occurrence, however, I’m purposefully placing steps into my life to make sure I feel beautiful in my own skin and thankful for the healthy body I’ve been given. Through this article I’m going to share some of the ways I’m learning to love my plus-size body (and not care about anybody else’s opinion).

Embrace a positive mindset

To ‘have a positive mindset’ is a lot easier said than done. However learning to focus on the positives and block out the negatives, even in small situations can really change your day-to-day mood.

Practice being grateful for a working, healthy body and reminding yourself of all your amazing qualities instead of focusing on flaws.

Learning to validate myself and my feelings was important, instead of holding myself to others' standards, I became a positive influence in my own life. It’s not always easy to do this however even a small self-compliment every day is a win.

Stop focusing on your weight

It personally really affected my mood when I weighed myself in the morning, I learnt to ditch the scales and stopped weighing myself obsessively. If losing them entirely doesn’t work, try having a designated day either weekly or monthly when you weigh yourself and the rest of the time focus on eating regularly, exercising and living your best life.

Stay your version of healthy

Against what a lot of people think, not all plus-size people are unhealthy and need to lose weight, however, it’s still important to have health goals and stay on track with what you wish for your health and appearance. Being proud of being plus-size is important, however, don’t use this as an excuse not to continue to better yourself and work on your own version of healthy and aspirations for the future. Add exercise you’ll enjoy to your daily routine so you feel empowered in the body you’re in.

Detox your social media and get inspired

The online world is harsh. Its toxic obsession with thin, petite ‘perfect’ bodies regularly affects the way I think about myself. For me it was unrealistic to stay away from social media, so instead I made sure to unfollow brands and accounts that don’t boost size-inclusivity and diversity. Instead, I began following influencers that preach positivity and body acceptance. Following real-life people highlights that the world outside of social media is drastically different, made up of all different body types.

Love what you wear, wear what you love

Clothes are one of the most important things to help you accept your plus-size body. The fashion world can be full of negativity and unreachable body standards however some brands and influencers can show you that your plus-size body can be an accessory to your fashion instead of something to feel self-conscious of. Wearing well-fitting undergarments, having a face-framing hairstyle and a cool, trendy outfit can make you feel confident even on the days you’re not feeling yourself.

Surround yourself with people who accept you

Often being the largest one in your friend group is hard, not being able to share clothes, or being the one not hit on at the bar on a night out can stop you from feeling worthy in comparison. Don’t stay friends with people who put you down, learn to surround yourself with people who love your personality and make you feel positive, proud and beautiful in your plus-size body.


Learning to fully accept yourself and your plus-size body is a personal journey, different to every individual. I’m still learning every day how to love my plus-size body, there have been ups and downs but I owe it to myself to love my body just the way I am.


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