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Amber Butler: An Artist Profile

Amber Butler is an up-and-coming Illustrator and Artist based in Luton.

She’s featured on the AOI and D&AD as a ‘Graduate to Watch’ as well as The Big Draw discussing art and activism, her creative process and what inspires her.

Amber uses her creativity for good, She’s driven by justice and her need for positive change. Amber’s work is punk, punchy, unique and fearless. She combines inky lines, spray paint, hand-typography and graphic shapes.

This project was sparked by feelings of hopelessness, frustration and exhaustion following the devastating murder of George Floyd. Amber’s art is often her therapy. She wanted to make an important contribution to her community.


Amber wanted to release this project in October in Honour of Black History Month and World Mental Health Day.

25% of profits will be donated to Black Minds Matter UK: a charity that connect Black individuals and families to free mental health services by professional Black therapists. This is a life changing cause close to Amber’s heart.

She dedicates this project in loving memory of a dear friend; He persisted to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health by sharing his story in the hopes no one would feel alone. He continued to spread love, hope and happiness, even in the midst of adversity. This is for him and for others like him.

This A4 stencil encourages others to get creative with sustainability, repurposing and up-cycling. Once you’ve finished with your stencil be sure to frame it and you’ll have your own unique piece.

Ultimately use as you please, Amber would love to see your outcomes so be sure to tag her on Instagram @amberbutler_.

Order includes: ♥ A4 350gsm Stencil of Amber Butler’s Artwork ♥ Tips and Instructions

This is more than just a stencil but a story and message of unity, love over hate and acceptance. We are stronger together. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this cause and continues to strive for a better tomorrow.

A Special Thank you to Caroline Tomlinson for making this project possible.<3


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