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Our Creative Showcase is a digital space dedicated to supporting and celebrating the creative pioneers and leaders of tomorrow, today. We believe that much of society's deepest transformation occurs at grass-root levels and with the determination and insights of future thought-leaders, who are shaking up the status quo to drive positive change in the world.


Laura Notlo is a Spanish photographer based in London. Her work is a documentary practice focusing on interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and their dynamics within the socio-cultural context. Inspired by personal experiences and those around her, Notlo’s photography is an exploration of the self, identity issues, mental health and the impact of fashion.

Her latest work A Good Story to Wear  is a visual project that investigates the ways in which slow fashion can contribute to improve people’s mental health. The people photographed are part of the fashion industry and they talk about their conscious and thoughtful journey slowing down and share how their relationship to themselves has been changed for the better. The project aims for fashion to be a medium to accept and embrace the self, while making conscious choices that can help to develop a more personal style which celebrates our identity and encourages us to talk about the story behind the clothes we wear.


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Amber Butler is an up-and-coming Illustrator and Artist based in Luton. She’s featured on the AOI and D&AD as a ‘Graduate to Watch’ as well as The Big Draw discussing art and activism, her creative process and what inspires her.  Amber is driven by justice and her need for positive change. Amber’s work is punk, punchy, unique and fearless, combining inky lines, spray paint, hand-typography and graphic shapes.


This project was sparked by feelings of hopelessness, frustration and exhaustion following the devastating murder of George Floyd. Amber’s art is often her therapy. She wanted to make an important contribution to her community. Amber released this project in Honour of Black History Month UK and #WorldMentalHealthDay. 25% of profits are to be donated to Black Minds Matter UK: a charity connecting black individuals and families to free mental health services by professional Black therapists.


This is a life changing cause close to Amber’s heart. She dedicates this project in loving memory of a dear friend; He persisted to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health by sharing his story. He continued to spread love, hope and happiness, even in the midst of adversity. This is for him and for others like him. 




Sarah Hollebon is a fashion designer exploring social issues. People’s real experiences and challenges, where some are extremely deep rooted, are visually highlighted in the garments produced. Located on Kingly Street in Carnaby London, each garment is handmade in-house, offering either bespoke or limited runs.


Clothing can express so much about ourselves. They share our experiences in times of sadness, joy, trauma. In these images there are elements of strain, conflict, and personal tension that are carried throughout. Are we dressing as a way to cover and hide ourselves from view, or are we dressing to relieve stresses and embrace ourselves?

“Wearing the pieces for Sarah has felt very special and adds to the stories woven in each garment” Marissa Charles.

Photographer - Ofilaye

Model – Marissa Charles

Fashion Designer – Sarah Hollebon

Multimedia Artist (red, white, black jacket) – Daniela Raytchev


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