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Our Creative Showcase is a digital space dedicated to supporting and celebrating the creative pioneers and leaders of tomorrow, today. We believe that much of society's deepest transformation occurs at grass-root levels and with the determination and insights of future thought-leaders, who are shaking up the status quo to drive positive change in the world.


Laura Notlo is a Spanish photographer based in London. Her work is a documentary practice focusing on interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and their dynamics within the socio-cultural context. Inspired by personal experiences and those around her, Notlo’s photography is an exploration of the self, identity issues, mental health and the impact of fashion.

Her latest work A Good Story to Wear  is a visual project that investigates the ways in which slow fashion can contribute to improve people’s mental health. The people photographed are part of the fashion industry and they talk about their conscious and thoughtful journey slowing down and share how their relationship to themselves has been changed for the better. The project aims for fashion to be a medium to accept and embrace the self, while making conscious choices that can help to develop a more personal style which celebrates our identity and encourages us to talk about the story behind the clothes we wear.


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