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Bonus Content

We're Better Together


Mindless Mag is proud to extend its efforts and work beyond our own platform. Members of our team and Mindless Mag as a whole, have had many collaborative projects and features. You can check out some of these here. For collaborations and inquiries, please head to our Contact Page.

Dancing Hands


In December 2021, our Creative Lead, Annabel Lindsay, was invited to takeover our former Fashion + Mental Health 2021 campaign partner, Maison De Choup. This takeover took place in cohesion with an article that Annabel wrote for MDC to share publicly, for the first time, her experience with an eating disorder and the road to recovery. Read the full article here and you can watch the full takeover in the video to the left.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder or your mental health, you can check out our Support Resources page with a variety of contacts and people you can reach out to.

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Stream our special Fashion + Mental Health podcast with Same Shit, Different Brain on Spotify ⁠and Apple Podcasts, with guests Sarah Hollebon, Jade McSorley and our own Creative Lead, Annabel Lindsay ⁠.


Becky started the podcast to help people who were struggling over the pandemic. "I felt helpless. I really missed talking to people too and feeling connected to the wider world." 

Sarah Hollebon is a fashion designer, whose business ethos is to raise awareness of social issues through sculptured garments.

Jade is a former model, co-founder of LOANHOOD, a fashion rental community all about style over trends, and an academic within fashion sustainability and innovation to create a mindful and ethical industry.

In April of 2021, our lovely friends at Manchester Fashion Movement, pulled together a photoshoot in the newly renovated Northstar NQ, in a celebration of sustainable fashion and talent in Manchester. 

Our Creative Lead was invited to take part in the exciting day and after the occasion, reflected on the experience with a visual and engaging write-up.

Flick through to learn more about the day and to see some of the final images shot by Madeleine Penfold.


Paint Abstract Pink


On the 1st of February 2021, our Creative Lead, Annabel, was invited to speak on BBC Ulster's Evening Extra show regarding the recent announcement of Arcadia falling into administration and what this meant for fashion.  

Radio hosts Tara Mills and Declan Harvey hosted an interview with Annabel, where she offered her take on what the closure of Topshop stores nationwide symbolised in fashion. Annabel also highlighted how it symbolises an opportunity to reflect on what we really should expect from fashion in terms of sustainability and consciousness. Listen to the full radio segment to the left by clicking the play button.


In our first ever special edit we cover four key topics: Fashion + Climate Change, Veganism, Mental Health and Consumerism.


This edition takes a close look at what Mindless Mag achieved in our first year running and what lies in store for us in the future - and most importantly how you can get involved in a fast-growing, global community committed to driving forward the conscious fashion movement. 

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