Your Weekly Stuff That Matters Horoscope


We’ve been relishing in Virgo Season for a week, and the productivity is really starting to kick in. With September just around the corner, our motivation to continue these habits is set to soar.

On August 27th we saw the New Moon entering Virgo. The New Moon's conjunction with the Sun squares up with the planet of motivation – Mars – in Gemini. Although already at our peak efficiency, this alignment allows us to express new ideas in their greatest form. Furthermore, Gemini allows for both curiosity and creativity. So if you’re considering doing something you’d usually shy away from, now is the time to take your chance.

As we enter our last week of body image here at Mindless, this week’s horoscope is set to forecast inward thinking, self-love and how to manifest your goals. Loving yourself can be a long and treacherous journey, but carving out the time to care for yourself and speak kindly, will guide you tremendously.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Your Virgo season has got off to a great start Aries. You know what you want, and you aren’t afraid to go for it. Your desire for success lends itself this season as you face new trends of bravery that you may have not met with before. This powerful emotion openly aids your willingness to achieve this season Aries.

Materialistic attainments aside, how have you successfully loved yourself recently? It is often easy to get caught up in the competitions of life but allowing yourself to reach personal goals and overcome low self-esteem will do you wonders Aries. When did you last check your well-being and happiness? How can you make that one of your habits moving forward?

JOURNAL PROMPT: How can you celebrate yourself?

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You’re practical and grounded so setting realistic goals is no problem for you Taurus. You carefully choose what to focus on, set up how to achieve it, and ensure that all errors are accounted for. However, perfection is not always possible, which you struggle to understand. Whilst you enjoy waiting for the perfect result, you may find that this does more damage than good.

You are a dreamer and a realistic achiever but you cannot assume everything will fall into place. If you don’t work towards something then your chances of reaching it will only fail. Take time to assess where things may not be working for you. You may find that it lies in the lack of sharing your dreams.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Reflect on how you share your feelings.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Whilst we may be in Virgo season, Mars has just entered Gemini meaning that motivation is strongly guiding you this week Gemini. Take this increased stimulation and ensure your efforts are being used towards it. As an air sign, you’re intellectual and curious so now is the perfect time to turn these dreams into reality.

However, as you are erratic in nature, it is worth remembering the importance of balance. You benefit from multiple stimulations but there is no sense in overwhelming yourself. When did you last reflect on your image? Have you taken the same time and consideration towards your body that you have to new habits?

JOURNAL PROMPT: What do you struggle to love about yourself? What can you do to begin to love it?

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Ah, intuitive cancer. Your goals are achievable, and you have just the right intentions. Virgo season may be off to a slow start but having the plans set is good enough. You may be worried that others will doubt you, and how that could affect you. But your intuition was strong enough to guide you in the first place so don’t let others' interpretations affect you.

Just as important as your intuition, is your emotional availability. You’re a water sign so you’re well versed in both emotional and material realms. Remember that your instincts are heavily motivated by your feelings so control of those must come first. How have you been taking control recently? How can you begin to take consistent control of where you are?

JOURNAL PROMPT: What items of clothing do you love wearing? What not so much? Why?

Leo (July 23 – August 21)

Your passion to succeed just never stops. As you slowly start to get over the fact that it’s no longer your moment in the spotlight, you begin to realise that there is more to life than being number one. Those Virgo season goals are set to come into full swing this week as you overcome silly personal squabbles.

Following your intense birthday season and rushing straight into the go-go-go of the Virgos, you may be conscious of the fact that you have not allotted enough self-care. Alongside your new habits and goals, be sure to set some time aside for self-love and positive affirmations. Remember that manifestations can work wonders when you’re unsure where to start.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What do you appreciate most about your body? What do you find harder to accept?

Virgo (August 22 – September 22)

How are we doing Virgo? Succeeding? We thought so. It’s your birthday season and boy does everyone know. Not only are you excelling on the personal front but your natural glow has everyone talking. You’re on-trend and everyone wants to know your secret to success.

Your perfectionist nature may have its benefits, but it can also cause great upset. The last thing a Virgo wants is their own trait ruining their time to shine. It is okay to not be perfect and that is something you must carry with you this coming week! Grant yourself permission to feel lower moods. Where there is rain, there is a rainbow.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What is your first memory of disliking your body? How did you feel at the time compared to now?