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Your Weekly Stuff That Matters Horoscope


The sun enters Virgo today meaning that all the signs become more organised and detail-oriented. Virgo season is the ideal time to kick in new habits. Your productivity is through the roof, and this is the ultimate zodiac season for creating lasting habits. Virgo season is based on heightened focus and reconnecting with our practicality which can be difficult when connecting with ourselves and others. The fun of summer may be over, but Virgo season is just getting started.

Whilst now is the perfect time to get better organised and stick to routines, don’t feel ashamed if you’re lacking motivation. Comparison is the thief of joy and feeling like you’re not being productive enough is only going to heighten that emotion.

This Thursday (25th) witnesses Mercury moving into Libra. This transition calls for a period of reflection within your relationships. You may find yourself seeking out guidance from others rather than from within and being more considerate of the opinions you share with people. Your mind is your power so don't feel silenced.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

You love being the best at things Aries. Take this organised period and prove your talents. Your motivation will guide you this Virgo season. As a fire sign, you are naturally passionate. How can you take your passion and put it into something good? What is a project you have been toying around with for a while?

High notions of energy are your friend Aries. As the first zodiac sign, it is no secret that you desire to be first. But coming first and achieving your goals requires determination and effort. You’re an exuberant being - full of energy. Not only will this new aspiration to succeed help in completing personal goals, but your sense of self will heighten.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What is one thing you will do this week to make you feel great?

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Virgo season activates your charts zones of romance and fun – expect the unexpected. Whilst productivity comes natural to an Earth sign, you may be surprised at the star’s guidance this season. Where you would usually utilise your practicality, you may find that this season places you out of your comfort zone. How can you take this change and use it to better yourself?

As a fellow Earth sign, it’s your time to shine. Virgo season is all about feeling inspired. Trust what is written in the stars for you Taurus. You may find that surprises are the extra motivation you need this season. Try not to fear the unknown. Ensure you are keeping in touch with yourself regularly to maintain your emotional state.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Make a body gratitude list.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The sun lights the sector of your chart that rules home and family. Take this time to reflect on boundaries as well as privacy. This increased period of productivity may find you relishing as a homebody this season. With your home and family sector as a target, this may help more than you think.

Take stock of your reflections this season Gemini. Reflections often lead to realisations. Being naturally curious as an air sign, now is the time to explore those. How can you practice reflecting? Take Virgo season in your stride. Your time at home and alongside family may prove more revealing than expected.

JOURNAL PROMPT: How do you set boundaries and avoid absorbing others’ emotions?

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The orderly nature of Virgo season helps balance your emotional tendencies. As a soul impassioned by emotion, there’s no shame in divulging in these intense periods. You are a water sign and take your position very seriously. You cannot cut corners and it is not worth avoiding the ways you feel. This season may actually prove very constructive for you Cancer

Get ready to think more clearly and better express yourself. Virgo season doesn’t just highlight the productivity of its solo zodiac. As a Cancer, you’re naturally intuitive. How can this season be effective for you? Practice mindfulness and positivity this week and ensure you believe what you think. It is no good telling yourself lies Cancer.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What are ten things you love about your body?

Leo (July 23 – August 21)

You may be slightly disheartened that you’re no longer in the spotlight. Leo season was fun for everyone so it’s important to remember that you’ll have a lasting effect for many of the coming seasons. However, as the sun enters Virgo, you must submit yourself to the new forecast. This season of motivation comes with greater freedom, providing the perfect opportunity to implement change.

Take your fire sign passion and get focused on bettering yourself. You have relished in the limelight, but the attention can’t last forever. You hold just as much freedom now as you have previously but now is the ideal time to get involved in projects that you may have been avoiding. Don’t let your hot streak come to an early end.

JOURNAL PROMPT: How can you remind yourself that you’re enough?

Virgo (August 22 – September 22)

We’ve entered your finest hour, your moment in the sun. Everyone’s behaviour parallels yours and the Virgo vibes are meeting their match. It has been yet another journey around the sun for you Virgo, and boy has it been an interesting one. 2022 has been an adventure and the ultimate build-up for the events that are about to occur.

The new moon enters Virgo on Saturday (27th) which provides the perfect time for fresh opportunities. Your productive nature will have already kicked in and this new moon transition provides the perfect accompaniment to get started. You’re as stimulated as you are grounded and the plans you set in place now are set to last. Take this time to reflect on personal growth and prepare for the future.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What is different today from a year ago? Reflect on how that makes you feel.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your sparkle is just around the corner Libra. Get all your admin out the way now to see yourself in top shape for the season of the year. Without getting too excited that we are just a month shy of the sun entering Libra, now is the perfect time to get your life in order. You are all about balance, so ensuring that a balanced Virgo season runs smoothly you must carve out some serious thinking time.

As an air sign, you're intrinsically curious. Productivity is no stranger to Libra as find yourself becoming intrigued by multiple things at once. This Virgo season is the ideal time to get your priorities in order as you acknowledge that you cannot have too many plates spinning at once. Ensure that your curiosity doesn't get the better of you – taking some time out for yourself will help tremendously with this.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What’s a commitment you can make to yourself to love yourself every day?

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Organisation doesn't fall under the realm of Scorpios. For you, it is a social time of year. Virgo season is the perfect time to review connections. Whilst the other signs may be scrambling to coordinate their many routines or proposed plans, you find yourself better off when taking stock of what is going on currently.

This is a time to reflect on where you've experienced change, and who that has involved. Change doesn’t have to be a solo affair; it is likely a result of relationships changing around you and the way you observe yourself. Virgo season is the perfect time to accept who needs to stay and who needs to go. Alike the other signs, this will require some organisation, but yours is slightly more self-centred.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Write down five things you currently accept about yourself. Do the same for things you don’t.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Try not to be so focused on your reputation this season Sagittarius. Try to enjoy the recognition you can give yourself. Whilst it may seem that Virgo season is all about actioning and implementing new plans, it is often forgotten that these bustling efforts take a larger mental toll than presumed.

Just because you chose not to follow the crowd, you cannot expect to be judged. Virgo season becomes a busy time of year for all the zodiacs, meaning that they are likely too wrapped up in their own personal investments to be bothered by yours. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to recognise yourself Sagittarius. Remember that you can be incredibly exuberant; try not to let that go.

JOURNAL PROMPT: How do you judge yourself? How can you let go of that judgement?

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Another fellow Earth sign, Virgo season is always in your favour. Open up this month and broaden your perspectives. Take action towards expanding your mind. Remember that new routines can be both physical and mental so don’t feel pressured to stick to one.

Physical health doesn’t have to just be exercise; it is worth noting that physical activity helps to release endorphins that further support our mental state. Even just a walk here and there can do wonders for your routine. Maybe you’re feeling motivated enough to try a new combination. The world is your oyster as you relish in the productivity of Virgo season.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What can you do to step outside your comfort zone this week?

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

It can be an intense time of year for you Aquarius. Let go of the past and tap into positivity exercises. Remember to care for yourself as an individual. It is important to be mindful of how you're treating your body. This doesn't mean limiting what you eat/drink, rather you should consider how you love yourself.

You’re extremely emotionally intelligent and your curiosity always aids you with unfamiliar emotions. Overthinking often follows but now is the perfect time to break that habit. As concentrated as the other signs may seem this Virgo season, you can just as easily redirect your attention into breaking a habit. Engaging in positive emotions will help tremendously in guiding you.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Brainstorm ways to handle bad body image days.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Virgo season activates your chart's zone of relationships. It's a great way to connect with people and yourself but you may have to learn to compromise. On the one hand, this is the ideal time to get new relationships and projects off the ground. Your heightened zone of relationships will prosper both platonically and romantically.

As the last of the water signs, you are still an emotional being. New relationships can often some daunting and sometimes mean letting other relationships go. This is where you may have to compromise in order to move forward. Remember that Virgo season is all about making/breaking habits so listen to the stars for guidance this week.

JOURNAL PROMPT: What are your favourite self-care activities?


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