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Your Guide to Living Your Best Life

Just Growing up

During our teenage years as young women, we idolise models and movie stars and wish we were adults. We are under the impression that one day we too will have a slim waist, curvy hips and full breasts. Not to mention the flawless skin and luscious hair we expect.

But no one tells us that there is no one size fits all for adulthood. Our 20s are the time we want to have the most fun, even though societal 'norms' have definitely taken a hit on our self-esteem in recent years and are holding us back. The social 'norms' created by influencers allow us to discover new trends but also suppress our opinions. Our human nature wants us to follow these trends and fit into the same styles. This gives us the confidence and security that we will be accepted by society. But sometimes that is not always the case.

We often feel insecure in our own skin, and these trends can be unflattering. Everyone has a different body shape and we want to feel comfortable in what we wear. So instead of getting upset about a post on social media, keep reading this microblog about how to create the best version of yourself.

3 Top Tips to Slay Away

1. Adapt the trends

Fashion trends always turn in a cycle, from the 80s to the 90s to the 2000s. Every decade has its favourite piece, but instead of feeling uncomfortable in a piece just because it's 'cool', wear it your own way! If a garment is tight fitting but you're conscious of your belly (don't worry, we all have one), try pairing it with something flowy to accentuate your body shape and still feel trendy.

2. Predict the Future

If we tune into the fashion industry, we can use our knowledge to predict the next big thing. By guessing the next fashion, you can prepare for what is to come. Do you already own these pieces? How can you fit them into your own body shape? If you are petite, can you make it shorter? If you prepare, you can relax and then have the right garment for every occasion. This will save you stress and money.

3. You know it's all about Self-Love

I know what you are thinking. It's easier said than done. But in our 20s, we should be young and free, enjoying life and not worrying about how we look. Everyone has their own way of doing things, so why don't we use that to our advantage when styling ourselves? Who cares what others think? Just remember that you are the one who needs to feel empowered, and as long as you feel like yourself, you can live with it. Everyone likes different things, so take any criticism with a pinch of salt and live your best life.


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