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Your Body is Your Friend


Since the beginning of time, people have had opinions on what the 'perfect' body type is. During the Italian renaissance, the ideal body for women was plump and fair, reflecting the husband's status and the privilege of not needing to work. In the 1920s the ideal look was boyish, slim, and slender. In the 1950s you had to be curvy, but not heavy. 90s 'heroin chic' championed incredibly unhealthy weight and looking like you hadn't slept in three weeks, and In more modern times we are expected to be skinny and curvy simultaneously.

This whiplash of constantly changing expectations of body images can have such a negative effect on young people growing up, and now thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok, there are now 'micro trends' which change every few months, causing more pressure for young people to look certain ways, constantly changing. The 'glow up' trends plastered online are encouraging young people to suddenly look 'better', and influencers are promising miracle transformations in a matter of weeks. It's no wonder young people are feeling the pressure.

Changing trends for the better

It is important to teach young people to love their bodies, and know that stages of life will make you look different as your body grows with you. It is a vessel of your life and tells a story of who you are. Constantly trying to change it because someone online tells you that an arbitrary feature is or isn't desirable will waste your time and energy. Your body isn't supposed to be made bigger or smaller in a matter of days/weeks. Love your body, take care of it and yes, stay healthy and if you need to make some changes then do so slowly and in a way that works for you.

Know that you are more than a trend. You are a human being and your body is your temple. Don't change it for the approval of random strangers. Your body is your friend- look after yourself, and treat your body with care. Your body isn't a trend, it's your friend.


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