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Why Apple watches are more than fashion accessories?

The pandemic has definitely helped me to apply more focus on my health. The tragedy brought by the pandemic through countless deaths and sick beds amplifies the importance of not taking our health for granted. As outdoor and gyms get back to normal routine with more and more people raring at the opportunity to get their body and mind right, as a tech fan I’m thinking which smartwatch should I invest in? Wearable technology has been on the rise ever since the first Apple Watch coming out in April 2015. Since then the upgrade in technology continues to impress especially in the health sector. Apple has cooperated a lot of features in its system to highlight everyday health attributes. I’m not saying Apple are the only company doing this but with the Apple eco system created through their devices is does make tracking my health a whole lot easier and here’s how.

Steps steps steps!

Coming out of lockdown one thing I have noticed is my love for walking. Walking around different areas, taking in different scenes and just getting in tune with my thoughts of music. The benefits of walking are outstanding just 30 minutes a day can do things like “improve your cardio vascular and fitness, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, stronger bones and improved balance, reduced body fat, improved cholesterol.” Read more on better health at here :

Walking can be done so casually, being able to track your steps has become an essential part of a lot of health journeys. Smart watches have been very effective as till I had one I never really knew exactly or counted how much I was stepping. For example right now let’s say you have a goal of 10,000 steps a day and in order to achieve this it’s not like you can always just go outside, do straight 10,000 and come back home. Most of my steps come from when I least notice like doing shopping , going uni, a friends place, to the library, to an event etc. A busy day for me can bring me well over 10,000 steps and I would like to know that I have actually achieved this. It brings a sense of achievement or satisfaction especially since it’s like multi tasking exercising and everyday activities. Makes me wonder if I didn’t have the watch I would have felt like I walked a lot but not had know just how many did I do? Having my watch calculate this is make perfect sense since it’s something I wear as a fashion accessory and now it’s like my personal health consultant.

My Hearing

As an active music listener from hip-hop to RnB to rock I love to sound of music. It wasn’t till I got my Apple Watch and it started alerting me that I was that my headphones were too loud I started thinking about my hearing. Whilst I’m looking fashionable in my Apple watch it’s also protecting health in my hearing through the system using the loudness of your music to the appropriate medical settings for headphones.

Why is it so convenient to me?

The Apple watch is a great addition to monitoring your health. One main components is the fact that’s it’s a watch. With it just being on my wrist at all times I don’t have to start looking for it since I know it’s always on my wrist, it’s lightweight, easily accessible and most importantly it links with my phone. To have the ability to do all this at the touch of your wrist is both fashionable and practical. For example running and walking is so much more effective not have to pull out my phone and check steps. Whilst I’m running if I receive a call I can just check who it is on my wrist in case it’s important as I don’t like being disturbed. If your someone like me who can be a bit lazy and needs motivation for concentrating on health I would recommend and Apple Watch. The health apps and features make it so much more easier to track and actually understand what you are doing within your health journey.

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