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What Love for Travel Means

The love for nature, the great outdoors, history, sculptures, landscapes, animals... the list goes on

Beautiful mountain landscapes
Great Outdoors

Someone who doesn't travel may question why you love it, what is so special about heading to a city, town or village and saying, ‘I have been there’. It is not as simple as just ticking a place off your bucket list. The happy endorphins released, sense of accomplishment and achievement, connecting with outstanding natural and manmade beauty. Everything that comes with it, as a result of the love, for exploring our beautiful world.

Not everyone is going to understand you, some have love for a career, a house, a car and that is their own individual drive-in life. But if you have a love for travel, you could maybe relate to this article, or if you are someone that does not, but knows of someone who does this should help you understand this love at a deeper level.

The love for travel isn't simply wanting to go on one big, long holiday. It is having a passion, a love for everything that comes with it. A love for nature. Nature has lots of benefits including wellbeing and a sense of peace and belonging. History gives me a sense of grounding. That life on earth has been prominent for generations and that we are creating a new history for generations to come, and for some reason I find that quite comforting. Likewise, animals. Extraordinary animals. Traveling and seeing extraordinary animals in their natural environment give me the best of both positive and negative feelings. A sense of awe and beauty as well as a sense of rage of what us people are doing to some of these beautiful creatures. But I do try often focus on the positives, and the present.

The love for travelling is not something you soley feel when you are out there in another country. It’s the preparing, the excitement of researching countries, looking at activities you want to do, reading books and blogs about people who are or have travelled. It's also the after, when you look back on the beautiful places you’ve been. I re-live the moments in my head, look over photos and videos again and again. I can draw and create art about my travels. A love for travelling isn't simply the love for getting on the plane and visiting another country, its everything that comes with it.


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