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Toxic Relationships - Signs that should Trigger your Flight Response

Everyone deserves to be loved genuinely by the right person but unfortunately, if we don’t know our self-worth and true value, it’s very easy for us to settle for the wrong person. This then results in being in the wrong relationship and then it turns into a toxic relationship. Wanna know what this looks like? Well here are the signs to look out for:

Constantly Trying to Please

You are constantly trying to please and fix your partner: look as human beings we are never satisfied and by trying to please someone, you will only drain yourself out and this leads to self-neglect. You must be willing to accept your partner as they are and ask yourself if you can accept them if they never change. Love never tries to change a person. It only makes a person better.


Your partner is controlling: this is a trait of someone who is very clingy, and they have no individuality unfortunately this is due to some sort of fear. In love, there is no fear, just trust and a journey of security. Someone who is constantly wanting to know where their partner is and what they’re doing will be controlling and this puts the relationship on edge. They lack trust which leads me to my next point.

Lack of Trust and Control

There is no trust/bad communication: when you lack communication this leaves so much room for assumption. Love allows you to feel free and allows you to be open and honest and dare I say it – vulnerable. When there is fear and lack of trust, it creates a guessing game which often causes a breakup.


There is manipulative/guilt-tripping behaviour in this relationship – ask yourself if you were to say ‘no’ to something, would your partner respect this or would this anger them and be used against you? If your answer is the latter then let me be the first to tell you, guilt is not a form of love. Someone who loves you will not need to manipulate you or tear you down just to get their way. A person who loves you will accept your yes and know and be willing to move with you to keep the peace.

The Takeaway Of this Article

You deserve someone who will love you in your good and bad times, someone who is willing to grow with you and better you. If you can identify with the above points then I hope you will begin to see your amazing self-worth and start to believe you deserve better. Say no to a toxic relationship.


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