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We Need To Save Our World!

You’ve heard it all before. Sea levels rising. World ending impending doom. But TV shows, movies, and unhelpful youtube videos aside. Our world really is in trouble - and here’s why.

Climate Change is here, and it is here to stay…

British weather has been unusually bizarre in the last few days. Sunny and snowing, and raining in between…This is only one knock-on effect of climate change. The continuous and contrast heating of the earth.

It is only going to go from bad to worse…

Scientists predict devastating changes to our daily lives, due to horrific environmental consequences. However, although things look dire, if the right action is taken, it can be prevented…

What we can do…

There are many little things the individual person can do to live more green and do their part to help the environment.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

Public transport/ walk to work/ bike

We all need to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprints. Using cars and taking fewer flights can really reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. If we all work together and put that into action. It really doesn't take much to take an alternative form of transport to work or school. And with the cost of gas rising it will definitely be cheaper too!

Grown own food

What better way to reduce food waste and enact healthy eating into your lifestyle than growing your own food? This green thumb way to help the environment has many benefits for you, me, and planet Earth.

  • Conserve water

  • Bring own bags


As stupid as it sounds, there are still tons of climate change deniers, so do your bit to spread the word! People need to know all of the facts and are often too lazy or too busy to research them, so echoing the message of how to combat climate change can be a real help.

  • Plant a tree

We are constantly adding to the CO2 emissions to our ozone, so how about we give back to the environment for a change? By planting a tree, its a perfect way to try and heal the damage we are causing daily to our atmosphere. And hey, we benefit too as we need oxygen to live.

What big companies can do

Big manufacturing companies, oil companies, and industrial companies contribute heavily to the CO2 emissions that are causing our planet to heat up. Getting them to change the way they run things, as well as reducing their pollution in our atmosphere is essential to solving climate change.


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