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Using The Red Carpet Fashion to Raise Important Issues

Here, we explore fashion and the red carpet and how it’s worldwide impact can drive positive change. The red carpet is a renowned foundation for large fashion names to show off their new styles.

Every year, more and more interest and conversation is captivated by these looks. Therefore, using the red carpet to raise important issues is an important way of empowering them.

Fashion is art. It has evolved over time, we use it to express our character, we use it to show emotion. Certain trends are cyclical, yet the beauty of them personalise to our own interpretation and adaptations.

From this, we piece together a multitude of components that collaborate to form a work of art. Perhaps it is art due to the confidence it provides us with, or the statements we can make. Statements draw people in and make conversation, shown at the very heart of the fashion industry. It could be an influencer wearing a pretty dress, or, at one of the top fashion shows.

The Power of The Red Carpet

The red carpet has become renowned for the dazzling looks that celebrities appear in, thus making them memorable. Consequently, this ignites huge media coverage and discussion into the array of different styles created.

Furthermore, the red carpet appears at many top events, thus reaching a multitude of people with differing backgrounds and interests into certain industries. The combination creates huge exposure of the statements that appear at each red carpet, therefore empowering the looks even further.

As social media becomes embedded into our every day lives, it opens opportunities for these discussions. Thus, there are questions as to whether they have the potential to be exploited positively. As such outfits make statements in themselves, stylists can highlight important messages through their design in a sleek yet memorable way.

A Domino Effect- The Red Carpet Starts by Raising Important Issues

Such ideas have subtly taken place within the red carpet already, shown by Kaitlyn Dever, who made apparent her dress was fully sustainable. This is arguably the most talked about issue within the fashion industry.

The climate crisis is one in which the fashion industry is making movements to tackle, however it is still far off from sustainable. One rubbish truck of textiles is wasted every second. Carbon emissions and wastage levels are much higher than a sustainable level. Serious change is needed to take action.

With the most prestigious fashion brands working behind the styles of the red carpet, they have the power to create impact to all the respondents. For example, a statement dress exploring the concerns of the climate crisis will create huge media attention.

This is even more prevalent within brands holding many loyal customers and fans, such as Versace or Prada. The attraction will to lead to a domino effect, since media will pass this onto the public, thus stirring conversation.

With awareness enhancing, examples can be made in acting more climate conscious. Exposure is thus projected onto fans to plant a subtle seed of thought into a change of everyday actions. These can go from bringing your own bags to the supermarket or minimising purchases of single use plastic.

In addition, this encourages other famous fashion companies to follow suit with the movement. Here, we can romanticise the start of a positive cycle that grows even more powerful and creative at each red carpet event.

A Range of Important Issues

Being housebound over the past year has encouraged lots of reflection into important issues. Much needed conversation into them have been ignited through social media and discussed. Some of these include important issues such as BLM, the climate crisis and gender equality. Large fashion faces are creating campaigns exploring important issues.

This includes River Island’s ‘labels are for clothes campaign’ was an empowering way in encouraging diversity. So why not transfer such campaigns onto the red carpet? It is a strong foundation of fashion. It is a prime way to explore and raise further awareness into these issues in its own creative way, thus captivating the public to a new extent.

Although Lady Gaga’s ‘meat dress’ was controversial, it is undeniable that it got people talking and her views were expressed. Whilst designers may not have to go to such extremity, her dress showed a true representation of the conversations that can be ignited from a statement piece.

Combining the power that both the fashion industry and the red carpet holds, a driving force of awareness can start. Social media is publicising red carpet events such as the Oscars to a new level, thus amplifying coverage to a huge scope.

Outfits can become even more creative to reflect prominent issues. For example, a blue dress made of recycled materials to represent the damage of our oceans. Fashion is art. Let it’s inspiring creativity home in on the important issues we globally face through the romanticised red carpet.

The red carpet goes further from celebrating fashion, celebrities and events. It has the potential to highlight issues through such admired forces, perhaps with each event tailored to a different issue.

What Can We Do to Influence Such Change?

It is important to ask ourselves how we can contribute towards this. Perhaps it is our actions in which influence how the red carpet it adapted at each event. How we react to the carpet can be vital in how the event adapts and responds to our conversation.

Instead of prying into the ‘best dressed’, instead we can question how sustainable a certain dress was, or what outfit conveyed the best message. We hold a strong underlying power, displayed through social media, to influence such changes to the meaning of the red carpet.

Using the red carpet Now that awareness is only growing, it is almost evident we have the power to influence those behind the red carpet to bring such practice into play.


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