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Three Mid Size Tik Tok Influencers Helping You Feel Confident This Summer

white swimsuit, orange sunglasses, straw hat

Do you wear midsized clothes and are looking for some outfit inspiration, tips, or to even just see someone your size rocking some summer looks? Then look no further! Here are three influencers on TikTok who share their midsized fashion tips and outfits to help you feel more confident in your own skin. Midsize is typically classed as size 12-18, so many different shapes and sizes are included!

1) @midsizefashioninspo

Jess is a fashion blogger from the UK who regularly shares fashion inspiration with clothes sized 12-14. She shares hundreds of different looks for a wide range of occasions such as graduation, festivals, holiday outfits, and just general everyday clothing.

Jess also shares many great tips and inspiration on how to wear clothes you wouldn't normally wear due to insecurities you may have about certain areas of your body such as your stomach. A staple across her account is dresses and skirts that are layered or wrapped to show that you can still feel confident while wearing revealing clothes if you explore different styles, but she also shows herself wearing tight fitting clothes to show you don't need to hide yourself under layers to look and feel good.

She receives hundreds of comments on her videos from people sharing how she has helped them to feel more confident and inspired outfits for many different occasions, so check Jess out if you're ever in need of some midsize inspo.

2) @taryntruly.unfiltered

Taryn is a 37 year old woman from the US with a TikTok account dedicated to sharing size 14 (UK size 18) outfit inspiration. She is very passionate about making sure to remind her audience that they don't need to cover themselves up this summer and that they should embrace their bodies no matter their size.

One of her 'Baddies on a Budget' videos shows her wearing affordable midsize swimwear from bikinis to full swimming suits. Her parting message on this video is that it doesn't matter what swimsuit you wear this summer, what matters is that you get in the water and make memories with your family. Many of her videos share this sentiment - your body shouldn't stop you from doing the things you enjoy with the people you love. This message resonates with hundreds of her followers as she receives many comments from people stating that she helps them to love themselves.

3) @shelbysaywhatblog

Shelby is a 29 year old fashion blogger from the US whose account is full of midsize body positivity and she strongly promotes self-love.

Although Shelby shares many beautiful midsize outfits sized 12-14 (UK sized 16-18) and some great fashion tips, she also shares the fact that although she does sometimes struggle with body confidence. This is very brave and inspiring as it is important to be honest with ourselves about how we are really feeling. Accepting and acknowledging our feelings is a very important part of healing, and this is something that can be felt across Shelby's videos. So if you are looking for midsize clothing content that is both honest and inspiring, check out Shelby's account.


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