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Behind The Filter

CW: This article discusses topics such as body image and mental health which could be distressing to some readers.

Body image is the notion used when people think about their physical appearance, how they feel in and about their own bodies. It is not limited to weight only. Often times young people find themselves comparing to others and those they follow on social media, or paying attention to comments made by their friends or family. Body image may also relate to not feeling that your body is right for your gender.

The effect of body image on mental health has been vastly researched. A negative body image may lead to: low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, isolation and loneliness, eating disorders, obsessing over how one looks .

Nowadays, social media is the dictator of trends and the jury of what is accepted or not; many brands and companies have focused their marketing online. That’s how the occupation influencer was born.

There is nothing wrong with it, unless this popularity is based on a false image. In the past, in order to become popular, an individual had to stand out with a talent, a contribution to society, or a cause. Now, it seems like being good looking is enough. The issue is that many influencers are not even that good looking – it is the filter. There have been many shocking unedited images leaked on the social media of celebrities and influencers which have been just another example that one should not trust only what eyes see.

However, there has been a positive change within influencers. As awareness on these sensitive topics is being spread, more people have gained the confidence to speak openly about the harmful consequences of promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Many brands started being more inclusive and representative. We can now see plus-sized models, models with acne, transgender models – more ordinary people taking part in campaigns and industries which were previously reserved for the perfect ones.

Did this change happen too late?

Regardless of the ongoing switch towards more positive body image and acceptance on social media, there are currently many people affected.

- Be kind to yourself. You are perfect just the way you are.

- Try limiting social media and unfollow profiles which make you feel self-conscious of your appearance.

- Focus on the good things. Pay attention to what you like in yourself and embrace it.

- Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself.

- Talk to someone you trust.

Let’s not forget that everybody plays a part. If people stop following influencers with unrealistic representation of their appearance, their popularity will decrease and therefore brands would search for another alternative. By making the right choice, this wrong cycle could be broken and people can realize that they are beautiful just the way they are!


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