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The Rise in Mental Health Issues, What Does it Say About Modern Society?

Modern day living has become a somewhat of keep emerging of constantly evolving technologies, social platforms, virtual realities, consumerization, commodification, information flow, plastic beauty, and business wherein time is money. Contrary to this modern reality, more and more talks about how to improve the well-being of life, embrace spirituality, be resistant to current commotion, finding the true self. Metaphorically: situation is as much as gym built apposite to fast food outlets. The worked-out calories and propagated healthy life, after all tempted with something completely unhealthy however tasty. I was always wondering about this tactical setup.

Thus, the compendium is that modern day living is flowing in viscous circle, where we talk about self-actualisation but always pulled down to stress, uncertainty, apprehension, stigma, hatred, inferiority. In this day and age, it should not be the case for mental health state to decline, but only to reach the pinnacle of well-being. However, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) ( mental health issues are one of the top issues in current day. The topic is much of a concern as it accounts for premature deaths, depression, and suicides.

Social Media Realities

On one hand social media platforms were initially created to show/ express oneself, and so, to stay addicted to it. Seems that it reached its peak, encompassing everything from day to day living actualities to sell-buy businesses. Simultaneously, the personal touch, sincere connection with each other is lost.

On the same social platforms, more and more raising awareness of mental health issues and offer plenty of mental wellbeing coaching. However, just with one click to scroll down we can see make-up tutorials and how to be prettier, more desirable, and thus accepted. Never ending beautification process with something constantly wanting new. It leaves to believe that happiness will come with that something new, or with that beauty procedure. What is more, it stimulates addiction to the excessive pursuit of self-love.

The resolution is: we left to believe that latest trends are fun and gives the aimed fulfilment, however, on the other side, is conveyed that the true face should not be veiled and accept yourself as you are. The two ideas are just controversial.

Adolescents are the most vulnerable and easy to convince that the trending beauty perception is the ultimate aim. Competition on following up with the latest fashion trends, technologies, expressing one’s live style is normality in which the introvert does not always fit in. There are so many loud opinions with a lot to say, and so little wanting to listen. The problem is that we acknowledge the louder one, not necessary the smarter, and omitting something genuine in quieter one. We consciously give priority to simplicity, superficiality, and inauthenticity. As this way is simpler and easy digestible. Hence, making the mind deaden.

Stress and Workplace

Although many companies are advertising themselves as all background inclusive and equal opportunities, however few years back this was not the priority. Moreover, the competition in job market is huge, especially in big cities around the globe. Probably, we can all agree that the process of getting a job is stressful. Not only this, but also staying resilient to high demands, stress level, meeting the deadlines, shortage of staff and resources, requirements of staying positive and cheerful when things go wrong, and having little time to fulfil the basics, likewise, having enough sleep or other activities. These and many more are the factors of damaging mental health. I believe, the scheme we are in is not designed to be in favour of healthy life. It is more to unhealthy, cutting all possibilities to wellbeing and the right balance of life. According to Mental (, women in full-time positions are as twice likely to have mental health issues than the men in full-time positions. 1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health issues at workplace. Also, mental health issues in low and high income countries are on different levels and solutions in approaching it.

On the good note, these issues are slowly knowledgeable and are included in Sustainable Development Goals to accomplish. Admitting that mental health issues are not one’s stigma but nowadays common problem, is a good start for changes.

In conclusion, the modern-day life is compartmentalized and does not have integrity. On one side, it’s all about the business and money that can guarantee better future. On other side, the holistic, wellbeing promotion which supposed to help to live the busy lives. The more you work- the more you get, be more involved in activities- look better in other people’s eyes. These the concepts that actually pushing away from enjoying now and here. What if in changing current day lifestyle, we start from reconnecting with each other, revitalising affinity, taking more into consideration of everyone and everything around us. It might sound as cliché, however, without the fundamental morals the core problem will not be solved, just partially fixed.


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