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The Power of Positive Thoughts about Our Body Image

CW: This article may be upsetting to some readers.

What does body image mean?

We can best understand what body image means from the thoughts and experiences lived by each of us. Below, we can read the experiences and beliefs of people who wanted to share their life stories influenced by their body image with us. I appreciate and am grateful to them for this fact.

Shared life stories

Catalina, 27

‘’My life was centred around my physical appearance, as I worked as a model in high school. The pressure from casting directors and brands to meet specific standards led to uncertainty, mental falls, and self-judgment. This led to depression, insecurity, and diet changes, affecting my daily life. I thought everything around me was about my appearance. And this thought can be highly toxic and potent. I felt like I was losing my true passions, interests, and things that make life meaningful. Superficiality and comparison with others are awful feelings. Then I found myself again. I knew I was more than that. There are so many things in life that are amazing and interesting. You just have to look at the assembly image. I took the good side of things from these experiences, such as I train for my health and eating well and balanced – and sometimes it is good to have that chocolate. I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I am constantly learning, finding my passions and discovering something new about life and myself daily. I am a complex and beautiful person – not just because of my appearance, but because of the beautiful things discovered by others “inside me”, the real me’’.

Ana-Maria, 15

"During quarantine, social media significantly influenced me, especially TikTok. I wanted to catch up with my friends, so I downloaded TikTok. It was addicting! Seeing many beautiful girls made me feel guilty about how I looked. I did not look like them. I was far from looking like them. It made me feel worthless. The idea of "body image" I had was skinny girls with big hips and breasts. Everyone in the comment section commented such as, "You're so beautiful" or "GODDESS!! I wish I looked like you!". I thought something was wrong with me. I struggled with the way I looked. I ate less, worsening my health, and everything went downhill. How could a young girl hate herself due to the body image social media showed? After a constant struggle, I started to feel better about myself. I began to come to terms with myself. I loved myself again. Now, I'm in love with myself again. My body is beautiful, and I will cherish it forever".

The idea of body image is seen and perceived differently by us, and in the world, there are people with various beauties, body shapes and sizes. We have the power to be who we want! Love yourself! We are all beautiful!


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