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The Power of People

The importance of using your voice

As humans, we have the power to do anything. We have the power to make a change. We have the power to fix what is damaged. So why aren't we using this power to help the planet flourish? You may have heard the saying "There is no planet B", It has been commonly used in climate protests around the world, I believe it emphasises the importance of taking accountability for how the earth is treated. Accountability. Something many of the largest emitting companies like Shell, BP and Chevron manage to avoid or manage to shift on to individual consumers, for example, the concept of 'reducing your carbon footprint'. Why is it purely the responsibility as the consumer to keep an eye on your individual impact on the Climate? Yes, it's important that we don't take advantage of the earth and how we go about our days, however these big corporations have twisted the narrative in making us believe its purely our responsibility.

Should it not be the responsibility of these companies to take accountability of how much they really are damaging the ecosystem, should it not be these companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible rather than simply revolving around how they can make the most money and benefit from the economy. There will be no economy when the earth is unable to function in a way that supports how we live as a society. It's crucial that we use our voices to speak up to these big companies to force change. The power of one voice is all it takes to influence another. The effect of all these influenced voices together is what will drive change.

Using your voice offline as well as online

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Gen Z and Millennials are actively addressing Climate Change on and off-line more than the older generations. The high engagement on the issue of climate change among these generations is crucial. As more and more things are happening around the world simply watching the news will not increase your awareness on climate issues, so it is vital that you seek to learn more through alternative platforms. But what can you do offline to both increase your own awareness and help others to become more aware in order to start to make that change? Sometimes it's essential to actually just start a conversation, whether this be with your friends or your family or your colleagues.

Starting the conversation on what is going on around the world and what can be done to help, and therefore what we can do as a society is the most important thing we can do! Having these conversations can not just expand your thoughts and opinions on these issues, but it encourages others to have these thoughts and opinions too, and goes on to allow them to spread the word. Whilst there is the lack of urgency from global leaders and governments to approach tackling climate change in order for them to prioritise and profit from the economy, we as a society can increase the awareness of individuals and communities to the point where these large companies and governments will have to stop what they are doing and listen.

How to use your voice

You may be passionate about tackling climate change issues and want to know ways that you can help spread awareness and make some change yourself, or maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about what is going on in the world. These are some things you can do to help yourself learn more or to help spread more awareness and make some changes:

  • Reposting Instagram stories on issues you are passionate about. This allows you to read up more on a specific topic and share with your followers in hopes that they might click the link and learn more themselves.

  • Donating money to Climate causes you feel strongly about, you can also then share this link with followers so they are aware of this issue and can potentially donate themselves.

  • Speaking up in conversations. The media can show different things to everyone so some people might not even know about the issues you are passionate about. Converse with your family and friends to spread the word!

  • If there is a Climate protest happening near you, turn up! Meet more like-minded people and try to influence and shape the minds of those who may not be as aware as you. You can take people along, push yourself out of your comfort zone!

  • Sign up to environmental volunteering programmes that tackle issues you are passionate about. Make some changes yourself!

  • Google. Whether you are an expert or you're just starting to find your voice, Google is your friend. Go out there and read, it's never too late to start learning about our planet and how we can help it survive!

It is never too late and you are never too old to start caring and wanting to help make the change. Do what is best for you. Help to protect the earth!


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