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The Positives of Climate Change

Climate change is a term we hear all the time, possible daily. But what does it actually mean? By definition ...

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns

Climate change can have negative long-term effects on our planet. For example, as the greenhouse gas concentrations rise, the global surface temperature also does. A hotter planet can result in things such as wildfires starting more easily and the arctic warming quicker than it naturally should be. In recent times, there has been more severe storms such as hurricanes and typhoons than there ever has been. Climate change is also changing our water availability which is resulting in more droughts.

A lot of people and companies are associated negatively with climate change however there are also a lot of groups and individuals who dedicate their lives, jobs, and studies all to helping our planet in a positive way. This article will explore some of these inspiring individuals.

Sir David Attenborough

A national treasure loved by everyone, Sir David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, biologist, natural historian, and author. He is 96 years old and was born in Middlesex, England in 1926. Many of you will know him for his great Tv shows such as The Blue Planet or Planet Earth, but how did he start out?

David had an interest in fossils, stones, and natural specimens from an early age, he then went on to win a scholarship to study geology and zoology at Clare College in Cambridge in 1945. He was then called up for national service in the Royal Navy for two years. After these two years, David got a position editing children’s science textbook and then moved onto numerous roles at the BBC, starting with producing TV shows. After these numerous roles, David started his wildlife programs for example Life on Earth, The Living Planet and The Life of Mammals.

David has used his knowledge around wildlife and our planet to share with us information about climate change. He released programs such as State of the Planet and The Truth about Climate Change. David also spoke at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference and was recognised in 2022 by the United Nations Environment Programme as a Champion of the Earth "for his dedication to research, documentation, and advocacy for the protection of nature and its restoration”.

Greta Thunberg

Although Greta Thunberg is only young, she is one of the most influential activists of the past few years. Greta was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003 and is an environmental activist. Greta first heard about climate change back in 2011 and says she could not understand why so little was being done. She started her activism by spending her Fridays at the young age of 15 outside the Swedish parliament calling for stronger action on climate change. Greta is mostly known for challenging and criticising world leaders to help to gain more action.

Greta gained popularity after addressing the United Nations at the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference which led to the student climate strike movement and involved many students in many communities striking on Fridays.

Greta then attended the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit where she gave her famous How dare you?” speech.

Since then, Greta has continued with her activism in the forms of protests, rallies and interviews and continues to fight for more climate change action and leave her mark.

Ilyess El Kortbi

A lesser-known climate activist is 25-year-old Ilyess El Kortbi, who is originally from Kharkiv in Ukraine but is now based in Berlin after being evacuated due to the invasion. Ilyess spends their time fighting for climate justice for those around them as well as those back in Ukraine. They have recently been invited to Davos for the 2023 World Economic Forum, which is a conference in Davos in the Swiss Alps and includes hundreds of discussions, speeches and panels which focus on trying to find solutions through public-private cooperation.

Climate change and the future

Although this article only mentions three influential climate activists, there are hundreds more knowledgeable and inspiring individuals who are helping to make our planet a better place and we cannot wait to see what they do next.

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