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Sustainability of Goals

High Quality of Education

Every student has the right to be educated. Everybody should have the opportunity to learn and then qualify for a full-time job. All kids need to have education as this helps them with social skills such as making friends, physical activity and learning how to do basic Maths and English is vital. This is why education is very important. It teaches children how to do basic things that are required in the world of work. Those kids who do not have access to high quality education are disadvantaged, because during the covid-19 pandemic it impacted over 147 million children who missed face to face teaching. This was a major negative impact on their learning. Some children did not have internet, workbooks and resources but also having a laptop or PC to be able to do teaching remotely. However, areas where children are in a more economically developed country such as United Kingdom, United States were able to do learning online. However, many students were struggling due to internet issues and because they weren't receiving the support they would be given in a classroom. This is because teachers have had to adapt to teaching their students remotely.

Good Health and Well Being

During the covid-19 crisis many people were in lockdown in England for around 6 Months during 2020. However, lockdown was also needed in 2021. This is why the crisis was terrible, as it stopped lots of people seeing loved ones and family, which impacted millions of people mental health, This is because they had to stay home, which impacted thousands of people as they could not go to the park or do outside activities due to the 2020 lockdown rules. This is why there was an increase in chance of getting depression during covid-19 because it prevented many people from doing their outdoor interests and hobbies, but also from seeing their friends. Also, it affected them because they could not have a fresh air when everyone had to stay home. Over 500 people were impacted globally. This is why they had to introduce lockdown measures. This is to ensure everyone's safety. But also to protect people from catching the covid-19 virus as there was no vaccine, which is why it lead to 15 million deaths. The NHS was in huge crises as they had to prioritise elderly patients and those who were likely to be risked for covid-19. This impacted family, which meant that they were lonely without their loved ones being there. This meant that mental health issues has risen due to them not being able to visit their friends, which meant that they can suffer from depression because not being able to do outdoor activities, worrying about loved ones, and staying at home can lead to depression or anxiety or even stress. This is how lockdown has impacted many individuals. Once they found the covid-19 vaccine it helped the country to stay safe due to herd immunity. Life death was an issue for elderly and those with medical health issues such as diabetes. This is why they had to stay home.

End Hunger

Hunger was an issue during the covid-19 pandemic. This is because during lockdown in 2020, shelves were empty because food was being sold very quickly. No toilet rolls were found in the supermarkets, because people were buying items each second. This meant that not every customer was able to find their product which led them to not have their basic needs met. 1 in 10 people are suffering from hunger. This is because they are homeless and do not have a job, which means the government should help the poor by providing each and everyone the money, as everyone has the right to eat and live. Also, people may not be able to pay for their, bills and living in a home. This is because they are struggling to pay to eat food, due to the price.


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