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Simple Ways to Help Stop Climate Change

A simple guide to climate change and some top tips you can use to stop the impact of your own shrinking planet!

Extreme deforestation due to climate change/global warming

From deforestation, and rising sea levels, to volcanic eruptions and rising weather temperatures. What can we do to help?

UK weather is always a topic of conversation, whether it's snowing in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, or raining all through the month of July. But do you ever stop to think why?

The 21st century so far has been warmer than any period of equivalent length in the previous three centuries, resulting in intense natural disasters such as droughts, heatwaves, floods and storms. However, these environmental catastrophes being labelled purely as 'natural disasters' is actually a very debatable statement.

How is it happening?

Our population is the most dominant force for global warming due to the constant production and emission of greenhouse gasses. On average, we emit 50 billion tonnes of CO2e globally each year, through aspects such as transport, agriculture, electricity, heat, and manufacturing. There are many more specific elements that come under each of these which you will most likely take part in. For example, driving or flying, engaging in the purchases of animal agriculture, using air conditioning leaving home computers on, and lastly, manufacturing processes which run on coal, oil or gas such as the burning of oil for electricity. Of course, you probably don't burn masses of fossil fuels at home, but your usage of gas and electric which is manufactured through them, are incredibly impactful to global warming and our changing climate.

Ways YOU can make an impact starting today

  • Reusable water bottles and bags - Reduce your use of plastic pollution

  • Eat local - Importation planes emit heaps of co2 into higher levels of the atmosphere

  • Run errands in groups - This saves excess travelling in motor vehicles

  • Use rechargeable batteries - Reduces batteries in landfill and electricity

  • Use boats or trains for travel - These have the lowest pollution emissions

  • Take the stairs - Improve your health and use less electricity avoiding the lift

What about at home?

There are many ways you could be contributing to global warming from your own home.

Here are some factors to think about:

When suitable waste isn't recycled, it ends up in landfill, when it slowly decomposes it produces greenhouse gasses including methane which is deadly for the environment. This links to the amount of waste you produce as a house, things such as paper towels, plastic straws and bottles which when are constantly used and put into waste, take longer to decompose, needing to be burnt to break down, causing further air pollution!

Appliances such as tumble dryers or TV's take up a lot of electricity and therefore also energy in the home. It is estimated that a tumble dryer uses 4.5 kWh of energy per cycle, equalling to around 67p per hour! Another way in which we contribute to global warming from things we do at home is by making meals which include meat. As briefly stated earlier, animal agriculture is one of the leading factors of greenhouse gas emotions as well as deforestation for cattle space and water pollution with nitrogen rich waste from the dead animals.

How to make an impact from home

There are many easy ways you can be green/environmentally friendly inside your home, too!

  • Air dry clothes - Especially in the summer, cut down on tumble dryer electricity

  • Grow your own food - If you have a garden you can save importation travel pollution

  • Visit local charity shops - Online fast fashion imports clothes, manufacturing poorly

  • Eat less meat - Animal agriculture is one of the leading and most gruesome polluters

  • Switch to LED lightbulbs - They use less electricity and also save you money

  • Don't leave the tap running whilst brushing your teeth - Saving excess water usage

  • Use reusable kitchen towels - Reduce your waste of paper towels

  • Remember to switch electronics off - Even when not being used they still emit energy

By taking part in some of these minor lifestyle changes, you will be making a large impact. The planet will become increasingly more green and sustainable. Help your planet and reduce emissions to stop climate change today!


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