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Scarf Love


When I’m feeling a bit fragile or in a funk, I reach for you. Draped on your hook at the back of the wardrobe, bright and cheerful, there’s something about the feeling of silk in my hand that’s so alluring and comforting – like a phone call with a friend; you never fail to pick me up and make me feel loved, a better version of myself.

You make whatever I’m wearing look polished, with a touch of style that wasn’t there before. Wearing you close to my face gives me a confidence boost. You lift my complexion and all I need is a touch of lipstick to get out there and feel better about myself.

I like to study the print and remember how I came to create you. What feeling was I trying to evoke? I enjoy the sense of nostalgia that the flowers bring in contrast with the modernity and geometry of the border design. It’s this contrast that resonates and it’s what I admire in other people’s designs. When I make a scarf, I imagine other people wearing it and think about why it would appeal. I hope the integrity of the design will encourage them to cherish and love it as much as I do – and that it brings them joy and many compliments whenever they wear it. You are a great conversation starter!

At the end of the day, I like to hang you on your hook to smooth your creases before folding you neatly and putting you back in the drawer.


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