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Why Do We Need to Make Better Sustainable Fashion Choices?

In the past few years, there have been an increase of fast fashion consumerism. It is hard to pass as consumers, because fast fashion offers trendy clothing for some cheap prices, and some brands even offer next-day delivery. The growth of fast fashion relies on the consumer constantly buying their products, and they ensure this by providing low-quality clothes that are more likely to fall apart over time. Furthermore, these clothes are more likely to end up in the dump. Hence, consumers must make better choices to end the toxic cycle.

Factors impacting consumerism within fast fashion.

The first factor impacting a consumer's choice is social media influencers. This is because individuals hold such power with a huge following, thus they can impact one's choice on one's product as the influencer can start trends. Companies saw this as an opportunity, paying influencers to endorse their products, and even collaborating with them to create clothing lines. An example of this could be Molly Mae's continuing partnership with PrettyLittleThing since she left Love Island with a huge following. Another factor is the low prices, as mentioned before. Due to the cost of living prices increasing, many consumers are more likely to buy from Shein and PrettyLittleThing, as they offer a variety of essentials for under £10, compared to their competitors. Another factor could be the variety of products certain brands offer for plus-sized people. This is because many brands do not offer trendy clothing at an affordable price, like Shein which offers a variety of clothing at low prices.

Where should consumers buy from?

The first brand consumers should buy from is the Girlfriend Collective. They are an activewear brand that uses recycled plastic for their materials in creating their sportswear like leggings and sports bras. Their sizes go up to 6xl, and their clothing is durable and will last a long time. Another brand people should buy from is Tomboy X. This is because they provide unisex clothing up to 6xl, and are created without harmful chemicals. They also work directly with their suppliers and factories ensuring their care for their garments is carried through the whole process.


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