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Protecting Our Earth

CW: This article discusses topics of mental illness and suicide which could be distressing to some readers.

Climate Action and Climate Change, how can we understand these terms and channel our energy into developing new opportunities to protect our precious earth?

Looking after our planet and surroundings is something that is a duty to every single person who is able to contribute as best as they can in the end result of improving our world. Conversations around climate action are happening, implementing change and reviewing progress to develop growth towards caring for environmental issues is something important to everyone in society. After all, it is as we claim "our world," so shouldn’t we try our utmost best to strive to improve our negative habits, which are having a domino effect on everything around us.

Understanding climate action

Climate Action is a term individuals use to describe practical efforts made in terms of combating climate change. As people and places across the globe experience things like extreme weather conditions, changes in temperature, which are intertwined with the burning of fossil fuels and pollution can lead to an increase in hunger, water crisis, threats to livelihoods and increased health risks.

One of the main plans for combating climate change is through the sustainable development goals. As mapped out by the United Nations, the sustainable development goals are collectively known as a call to action which aims to utilise elements such as economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection in order to build a better, more safer future for the oncoming generations without compromising the needs of those in the present.

Goal number 13 out of the 17 sustainable development goals as a part of achieving a better future for the world and the global community is climate action. Urging individuals to do their part and aid in efforts to meet targets set such as building/sharing knowledge on the cause and through our own means, taking steps which in hopes will be beneficial in bringing about change. For example, by switching to buying eco-friendly products, recycling products such as papers, glass, plastics, saving energy within homes and reducing gas emissions through less car fuel consumption by walking or cycling short distances.

Ways to achieve and implement change

In honour of the annual Earth Day in April 2022, I think it has been important to celebrate and use this day to understand how we can strive to create meaningful and impactful changes in our daily lives. By individually doing what we can, it can lead to bringing about collective efforts which can help the climate and our environments.

Everyone has in some way, shape, or form been active in raising their voices in order to share the significance of Earth day. From capturing the beauty of nature around us, cleaning up areas, donating to food and clothing banks, reducing waste and recycling. Raising awareness and having the ability to learn more about climate action as we communicate with others enables us to spread support as we share our care and concern for the planet.

Through Earth day projects, campaigns, businesses, organisations, and brands alike have the ability to spread the word and inspire us all into becoming, in our own ways, environmental heroes and supporters of the common goals we are passionate about. The theme of #Investinourplanet encourages people in to building brighter, better futures.

Seeds of hopes and ambitions have the ability to grow into actions and changes if we strive to consistently progress towards helping take care of our environments and the global community.


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