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Listen Non-Judgmentally and Love your Own Body Image Without Any Issues

Body image refers to how we perceive and feel about our physical selves. Sometimes, we obsess over our appearance or the opinions of our friends regarding our bodies. Then, because I have seen it happen to one of my friends, I will give advice to everyone on how to avoid looking at other people's bodies or feeling trapped and down about their own body image.

Together, practice self-care.

One of my best friends suffered depression as a result of her body since she was a little bit overweight and was often teased about it at school and elsewhere.

But on the day she was bullied, I wasn't at school, so I was unaware of the beginning of her bullying story. When she called the next day, crying uncontrollably, I advised her not to feel ashamed of her body because it was created by God's grace, and the way we are made makes us perfect; we don't need to demonstrate this to anyone. I also assisted her in a variety of other ways.

Also, I was telling her that look at me, I'm not even an angel to be perfect yet she was so depressed about it. Encourage her to focus on what she likes about herself and what she can do, not just how they look, to go further without being stuck in other people's words.

Challenge it like you would before.

I recommended she should overcome this in order to stop listening without passing judgement. My friend occasionally thinks she looks terrible, and she might just need me to listen. She was open-minded, and I assisted her in overcoming self-defeating body views. I made an effort to turn every unfavourable comment my friend made about her appearance into something uplifting or encouraging.

As an example, if my friend has to confess, "I look like crap right now!" I have always responded, "Maybe you don't love the way you look right now, and that's okay, but you mean so much more to me because of what an amazing friend you are!" In addition to that support, I also tried to help her by going to the movies, getting coffee, checking out a new band, or trying a new restaurant in town with her. These activities were a good way to divert attention from how my friend might feel about her body and go for weekend walks with her.

Therefore, everyone should strive to be aware of others, reframe negative thoughts, and confront them.

Please stay away from anyone who makes negative comments regarding your body image. If a friend or a member of your family criticises their appearance or their desire to obtain a certain look, find out why by asking them. Ask them why they want to exercise so much if they claim to have been spending three hours each day at the gym. They can learn that how they feel about their appearance does not determine their value as a person by being supported to see when they are being judgmental of their bodies.

Furthermore, give anyone a complement and make them feel better about anything unrelated to their body.

Remind any of your closest family members or friends how much you love and care for them. It's possible that they make you laugh excitedly, exhibit generosity and selflessness, or have exceptional people skills. Putting more emphasis on their personality serves as a gentle reminder that they are more than their outward appearance.

Lastly, accept yourself, love yourself and keep moving forward!


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