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How to be More Eco-friendly

Guide to eco-friendly living

Climate change is a very important topic in the emerging danger it creates and how harmful it can be. It is when the weather and climate changes due to the greenhouse gas or carbon emissions. This leads to a lot of effects to the earth such as extreme weathers, ice melting, temperatures rising, etc. People are becoming more aware of climate change, but unfortunately big companies such as petrol companies that emit emissions into the environment are not taking actions to stop climate change. However, we can take small actions at home to be more environmentally friendly. Here is some tips to do that.

Use less packaging

Firstly, to be more eco-friendly you can use less packaging in order to reduce waste. You can do this by taking your own packaging into shops to put food, ingredients or products in. Also, if the shop you buy your food from may have a lot of packaging you could look into buying them from more local places or markets which will be more eco-friendly. Also, local shops will have a smaller carbon footprint as it would be with products that are local and not imported from different countries.

Try a plant-based diet

To be more sustainable you can try and implement a plant based diet. You can start by looking at recipes that are more plant-based. However, you don't have to change your diet completely just making food that is plant based when you can, can be beneficial and contribute to eco-friendly living. Eating fruit and vegetables is healthy for you, but also it is good for the environment as it emits a small amount of greenhouse gases. Processed animal meat produces a lot of carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment and everyone should minimise their meat consumption.


Another way to be more eco-friendly is to recycle. Recycling is when you collect waste to change into new products or materials, In the UK, recycling is made easier as there is many ways you can do it through the local council or centres for recycling. Furthermore, you can give away clothes or shoes to drop off points which will be recycled.

Use other ways to travel

Travelling by car may be more comfortable for many people, but there are many more ways such as cycling, taking the bus, walking or taking the train which is more eco-friendly that you can implement to your lifestyle. This will save you money as well as help the environment. The carbon emissions that petrol emits is very harmful to the environment so even if you walk or cycle to your destination once a week that is making a huge difference to reduce pollution.

Save energy

An easy way to be more eco-friendly is to save energy. One way to do that is to turn off unused lights in your house as they don't need to be turned on if no one is in the room. This will make your energy usage lower as well as reduce your carbon footprint. Another way to save energy is to reduce the temperature in your house thermostat or turning off devices that you're not using at the moment.

Don't use single use plastic

Plastic is really bad for the environment as its manufacturing process is very harmful and many plastics cannot be recycled. Try to avoid singe use plastic such as plastic straws, plates, cups or plastic cutlery. For example, if you're ordering take-away don't ask for the plastic cutlery and use your own cutlery at home. Also, instead of buying plastic water bottles you can buy a water filter to reduce plastic use. Bringing your own shopping bags to shops is an eco-friendly way to reduce plastic use as well which benefits the environment and saves you money.

Buy second-hand

Buying second-hand clothes is eco-friendly as well as beneficial for the environment. This is a part of recycling and then reusing the product which reduces waste. This lets the product have another purpose, save resources and reduces carbon emissions. Also, this saves you money as buying second-hand can be much cheaper than buying new products.

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