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How has Climate Change Impacted our World

What is our world now with climate change happening to us as humans and our environment?

Image of people protesting for climate change
Climate Change

As countries from different climates are getting warmer, the weather is also changing. Climate Change has affected our planet with temperatures rising, storms getting worse and oceans getting warm, not only is it affecting our planet, it is affecting us humans. So the question is what is causing it? one is that fossil fuel such as oil, coal and gas are the main contributor for climate change that is happening globally, cutting down of trees which leads to deforestation, using transportation that runs on fossil fuels.

What is Fossil Fuel? Fossil fuels are non- renewable energy that are used for products and it is also used in producing energy, fossil fuels are hydrocarbons, which is formed by two elements carbon and hydrogen, fossil fuels have been us for a long time that are been used everyday. The effects of fossil fuels are carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide is released in the air and trap heats in the atmosphere,. What about the trees been cut down, without the trees, they will be no homes for animals to live in and transportation such as cars, trucks and other vehicles that run on fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the air. The fossil fuels had also made an impact in our environment such as plastic pollution. ocean acidification, level of sea rising, air pollution, water pollution and oil spills, this fossil fuels that is used everyday is causing harm to the environment which will not be good for us human beings, for example, plastic pollution, our oceans is filled with plastic from plastic bottles and any other thing that is plastic which cannot be recycled or biodegradable means that the plastic can stay there for a long time which will not be good for the animals living in the oceans because the plastic will be everywhere and one of the animals will eat the plastic.

How is humans being affected by climate change, one is temperatures rising, what is causing the temperatures to rise it is greenhouse gases which makes the climates from other countries hotter and the ocean warmer, the temperatures are making types of disasters more worse such as severe weather. For us humans it means we will experiencing floods, droughts, heat waves and droughts, it is happening not in one countries , it is happening globally, but the disasters can be different from different countries or some can be the same for example in march 2019, cyclone Idai in southern Africa has taken lives more than 1000 people in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique which left millions without food and basic necessities, another is the Australia bush fires that took place in the 2020, a drought in east Africa, floods in south Asia and drought in Central America.

Not also humans are experiencing this, animals too are affected, there is wildlife extinction. Animals are disappearing in both land and sea such as fish, mammals, reptiles, and others are going extinct more than 100 times faster due to deforestation and climate change which was done in a 2015 study and our oceans are getting acidic due to excess emission which can be threatening to underwater life.

Now they are solutions to it such as switching fossils fuels with renewable energy, but why renewable energy? The reason is that renewable energy is cheaper, renewable energy is all around us, it is healthier, it can create jobs and it is economical. Renewable energy is also good for the planet, because they are no greenhouse gases going to the air, it does not create pollution for both the environment and in the ocean. With Climate change still happening, we have solutions to solve it to help our planet.


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