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How Fashion Communities Helped During Lockdown

Fashion isn’t just one singular style, it’s made up of endless communities that have their own unique trends, and designs. These communities are important for so many people as it gives them a sense of belonging.

Being part of a community combats loneliness by introducing people with similar styles, and interests. This is vital now more than ever. In 2020 the pandemic left us all stuck in the house, and some of us were even in lockdown alone. Online communities could be the source of comfort for a lot of people who were in this position.

Two apps with online communities who have embraced the different cultures, and styles is Instagram, and Tiktok. Many have taken advantage of the time during lockdown to explore different styles, and get creative with it.

During this time there have been multiple Tiktok trends where you try out different styles. It was the perfect way to fix any boredom, and be a pretty good creative outlet. This also presents itself to be a good opportunity for an at home photoshoot for your Instagram.

Online Communities exploring different styles

One trend that allows people to explore multiple styles can be found on Tiktok. It’s in the style similar to a videogame character selection screen, and the creator would make a selection from 5 different aesthetics.

They would either include all styles in the same video by showing the names of each of them as they scroll through the options, or they could dedicate one video to each style. This way they could spend more time exploring the style and engaging with that particular community. Aesthetics often included in this trend were cottagecore, egirl, and often different eras of fashion.

Another trend that started during lockdown on Tiktok included people showing off the aesthetics of their heritage. At first, the person would be wearing everyday clothes but then would transition into wearing an outfit which would be traditional to their culture.

This trend was used to celebrate the diversity in fashion, and the different cultures around the world. While the trend was still big, it made everyone feel included and offered a sense of community for people taking part, and for people watching their culture be shown to the world.

Taking part in these trends gives people the feeling of inclusion which comes with being part of a community. During lockdown, this feeling may have been hard to come by for some. This is also why it was needed for communities within fashion to be inclusive, and celebrate people trying their style.

How Online Communities Have Created Their Space Online

Since the creation of the World Wide Web in the 90s, people have used it to connect with other people. These people are either from their past, people they know in person or people they have just met online.

Over time this has developed into people using it to be a part of something they may not get in person. Online Communities can be very meaningful to some, and especially now more than ever. Some of these communities are very much based on fashion and their aesthetics.

One of the first notable communities to focus on fashion was the scene community. Even though their style was not the much high fashion, it still gave people a means to express themselves through their own sense of fashion.

Some of the most popular trends within this community were racoon tails in their hair, bright neon colours paired with black clothes, and fishnet gloves. After the community grew larger online shops started to open in shopping centres, and other places so people within the community could buy clothes and accessories that fit the aesthetic.

Another fashion community that started through people with similar interest connecting online was the Cottagecore aesthetic. This started recently after people came together to enjoy anything and everything that looked like it belonged in a cottage in the countryside.

Although this style is less out there than the scene style, you can still find clothes in shopping centres and on the high street that suit the community. Some popular clothing pieces that were used in this style were also trending not too long before lockdown started like milkmaid dresses. This meant it was easier for people to try out this style during lockdown.

Trying Something New

Lockdown was a difficult time for us all. Many communities really came together to support one another, both in fashion and not. The feeling of being involved, and a part of something was vital during a time of lockdown.

Without being able to leave the house, no one could go see their friends or family so being able to connect online was ideal for many. Not only were people connecting with their loved ones, but with strangers online too. It was the perfect time to try out new styles, and different fashionable communities online were very inclusive of others.

It’s important to make sure people feel included as without a sense of belonging people can get lonely.

It was a very accepting time online for the different fashion communities. This sense of inclusion, and creativity doesn’t need to stop now.

There is nothing stopping you from trying out a new style or being a part of a community that you haven’t explored yet. You may find a new style that you love.


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