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Haul Overhaul

We all have Skeletons in our Closets and Dirty Fashion Secrets: If Stacey Dooley investigated yours what would she find?

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers have been the aspirations of our youth ever since Zoella floated onto our iPhones back in 2009, making the phrase ‘internet celebrity’ an actual genuine career model.

And just like the backlash which inevitably comes when pop icons or children’s TV presenters are caught stumbling down the steps of some nightclub in Mayfair, our YouTubing haulsters are now receiving a bit of negative press themselves.

In fact, our stars of the micro screen are finally being held to account for their ‘hauls’: videos in which they describe and review clothes and beauty products ‘gifted’ to them by various brands

And in the place of these videos some of these so-called influencers are reacting to the negativity and giving us anti-hauls, project pans, empties and declutters.

So it turns out that that uneasy feeling you get watching a vlogger unbox one of thousands of gifted beauty products while you scrape out the very last drops of your £4.99 own-brand foundation isn’t envy after all! You are quite right to question the squandering and extravagance – where will these items, and all the cosmetics and clothing being unpacked in the thousands of similar videos, end up?

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