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From Taboo to Empowerment: Celebrating Women's Sexual Liberation

Empowering women's voices, challenging stereotypes and inspiring change

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Sexuality is an important aspect in most of our lives, being a deeply personal and complex aspect, which is seen and experienced differently by every individual. However, due to social pressures, women have confronted with it being a taboo until recent days, which made it remain covered in shame, confusion and even silence. I would like to tell you a little bit about this from personal experience and share my journey of self-discovery, going from even feeling ashamed when hearing sexual jokes to embracing liberation and finally getting to know my own body. It is a tale of self-discovery, breaking down barriers, and learning to embrace our bodies and desires without shame.

The Sexual Revolution

For a long time, women’s sexuality has not been talked about and it was considered a shame to do so. For example, in the Victorian era, social expectations emphasized modesty and chastity, even menstruation being considered a time of illness, and temporary insanity. But, since the 20th century things started to change, with the help of influential figures such as Margaret Sanger, whom was a pioneer in the birth control movement. Later, films like “Sex and the City” challenged stereotypes and talked about women having different desires and experiences. In recent years, body positivity has been advertised more, promoting self-acceptance, and encouraging women to embrace their bodies. This journey has been and still is a challenging one, but it seems that women are now starting to reclaim their desires and talk more openly about them, without repressing these thoughts so often.

A Disappointing Revelation

Like many others, when I was young, I was very curious about sex, but girls were not so open to talking about their sexual experiences as boys were. And unfortunately, in the first years of my journey I felt disconnected from my own body and was unable to experience a pleasure that others seemed to embrace so effortlessly. For a long time, I was feeling confused, maybe a bit frustrated and even asking if something could be wrong with me as I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I heard others were.

I became very aware of my lack of knowledge about my own body and realized that I was ashamed even of the idea of self-exploration, which was such a taboo to me. I realise now, after time passed and my mindset changed, how damaging it can be for a girl to feel the social narratives around female pressure and be conditioned to think that their bodies need to be hidden from the world and their desires to be kept to themselves.

The Turning Point

It was after many years, when I met someone who became the catalyst of my sexual awakening. They created a safe space for me, where I could finally shed my inhibitions and was encouraged to embrace my sexuality fully, learn what I like and communicate it openly. They had patience and a real desire to understand me, which made me let down the barriers that were obscuring my own pleasure for too long.

I learnt that it was the intimate connection with a partner, the emotional closeness, and the trust you have in them so that you are not ashamed of anything you like, that paved the way to experiencing true pleasure. I cannot express how important communication and consent are in a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. My journey from ignorance to empowerment has made me understand that sexual liberation is not just about physical pleasure, but also about embracing our bodies and desires without thinking that we will be judged.

Embracing Sexual Liberation

I also learnt that pleasure is different for everyone, and the experiences shared by your friends or seen online may not come close to yours. Each body is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all formula for pleasure. Women’s sexuality is waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

I believe that we can create a world where women’s sexuality is celebrated, understood, and empowered. By breaking down taboos, we can change the social misconception around women’s pleasure and path the way to more open conversations. By sharing my story, I hope that I can encourage other women to start a new journey of exploration and make them realise that their wants and needs are all unique and valid.

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