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(Fashion) Minority Report: Restoring the Fashion Industry.

The newly created ‘(Fashion) Minority Report’ could potentially be the breakthrough we have all been waiting for, in the attempt to start a new movement in the British fashion industry. Within this article, you will find some helpful information on the new campaign and how to get involved!

What is the ‘Fashion Minority Report’?

A new three-step programme has launched this July, creating a programme to improve diversity within the fashion industry in the UK. (Fashion) Minority Report was developed with the intention to encourage fashion companies to commit to recruiting and promoting diversity within their companies. This will be encouraged to be done easily through the inclusion of members of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)/ POC (person of colour) and more women.

(Fashion) Minority Report is more than focusing on injustice in the fashion industry (hence the name). FMR go further to promote how discrimination is still an issue in today’s society and an issue we do not have time for!

Minority in the fashion industry

There is a large minority in the fashion industry. Highlighted by the (Fashion) Minority Report, these various differences in the fashion industry demonstrate why a programme such as FMR is needed.

The clearest differences are those in relation to gender and ethnicity. Firstly, is that only 11% of jobs in the creative economy are filled by BAME workers.

This number, when compared to the population of the UK, should be at least 17.8%. In addition to this, women only account to 37% of roles in the fashion industry, which should be around 50% when compared to population of genders in the UK.

(Fashion) Minority Report are presenting clear numbers in fashion job roles which suggest discrimination is still (very clearly) present in the industry. Luckily for us, FMR is here to help us!

“But it is no longer enough to simply book more BAME and POC for runway shows and fashion shoots”. (Fashion) Minority Report

There has been some improvements in the fashion industry. For example, you may have seen some diversity in runway shows or photos for fashion campaigns. This is because ethnic diversity has improved in these aspects of the fashion industry.

Fortunately, this has improved even more so during the Black Lives Matter movement, which has left many fashion brands/ companies reflecting on the diversity within their companies. However, this is now no longer the most distinct problem.

The issue is now within other creative roles within the fashion industry. Diversity now lacks through women in executive roles, and ethnic diversity still lacks throughout.

How FMR may be something we have always needed

With the help of the (Fashion) Minority Report, fashion companies and creatives can rely on getting support on the best way to reduce the diversity issues in the industry. FMR (Fashion Minority Report) promotes their own ‘Diverse Talent Support Programme’.

This aims to provide BAME / POC and young women with mentoring from fashion industry professionals. In addition to this, they also offer paid internship opportunities within fashion businesses.

Step 1: Commitment

(Fashion) Minority Report presents a three-step programme. Firstly, is the commitment to FMR. Aiming to increase diversity in fashion roles, each fashion brand/company must pledge to increase numbers of BAME/POC.

By pledging in accordance to FMR, fashion brands should aim to increase diversity in either of the two recommend ways. This can be through either employees in junior or mid-level roles increasing by 5% in the next year.

Step 2: Transparency

The (Fashion) Minority Report promotes the idea of fashion brands working directly with the FMR team. This is beneficial to all companies in two ways. The company’s diversity will increase across the business, making them more inclusive and appealing to those from a minority. When FMR are satisfied with the diversity within the company and can see an improvement, they will award an ‘equality certification’.

Step 3: Opportunities

(Fashion) Minority Report claims when you pledge to the programme, you join a ‘Diverse Talent Support Programme‘. There are two ways FMR recommends you can achieve diversity. The first is through paid internships within the business.

The second, is through mentoring from fashion industry professionals within the business. Both will create opportunities for BAME/ POC fashion industry trainees to obtain experience (and possible careers) from the fashion companies.

Through these objectives, the restoration of diversity in the fashion and creative industry is possible. To be applicable as part of FMR programme, all you need is commitment (and a signature!).

Sign us up! Let’s defeat minority in the fashion industry.

So where do we go from here? All you have to do is add your signature! Be a member of a fast-growing community and be part of the movement to abolish injustice in the industry.

The programme is open to all fashion companies, brands and individual creatives who are ready to make a change. Tell your creative friends, they may just want to be part of it too!


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