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Fashion and Community

Why are fashion brands increasingly creating community as part of their identity?

In our society, we all thrive through different elements of unique diversity which flourish when we come together as a community. Fashion helps us to stand out and make an impact. In our ever-changing world, it is vital that the fashion industry keeps up with the latest changes.

The impact of global warming, for example, has changed the way we value what we buy and how the items have been sourced. For example, the rise in fast fashion has made everyone conscious. Whether that’s us changing where we shop or buying less of what we don’t need.

Not only will little changes like this make your wardrobe more exciting, it greatly helps our world. The rise of fast fashion is impacting us worldwide daily. The fashion industry is to blame for 10% of the worlds emissions. It has a negative impact on air pollution and habitat disruption. We live in such a beautiful place and we need to do what we can to help, as we know from the Sir David himself, our world needs saving.

One of the brilliant things about fashion is trends are always reappearing. This year we’ve seen a massive come back of trends from ’90s and early ’00s. These recycled trends mean that we can hit the vintage stores and charity shops. Or even your mums wardrobe and fine some exciting pieces which can make you stand out in the crowd.

As Britney said: “I think it’s an okay thing to express yourself” – so do that in any way you can! Instead of buying the same old dress or top from one of the high street superstores, try a recycled or upcycled garment. You never know what you could find, maybe a vintage Chanel? Or a neglected Gucci? 

In order for brands to keep up to date with the latest trends, fashion brands need to ensure that they are constantly improving, whether that revolves around their image or their values. Especially in the case of behind the scenes.

During the summer of 2020 with the pandemic being the forefront of all of our news, the fashion industry still managed to make headlines. In the case of fashion giant Boohoo, we saw a downfall of how they sourced their clothing items.

The brands values were questioned, in terms of the human rights conditions for their employees. The factory conditions and wages made hundreds of individuals suffering. The exposure of this knowledge, really left a bad taste in our mouths when it came to Boohoo.

So where do we go from here? If you’re not into the whole Upcycle/ Recycled clothing hype then try and broaden your eye to ways in which brands are helping to change for the better! I’ve compiled a list of the top brands to add to your online shopping list. All of these brands are doing their part to help the world, whether it be for humanity or the world we live in.

Three must shop websites:

Patagonia is an iconic clothing brand. They specialise in outdoor clothing. This brand has been an excellent endorsement for helping with current issue. With their ‘Answers With Action’ campaign, not only do they work on helping the world themselves but also show you how you can help. They have a search engine where you can put your location and it shows how you can get involved and be part of the change!

Another brand which is helping with change is Pact. This is an American brand who pride themselves for being a fair trade certified clothing brand. All of their fashion garments are made in an eco-friendly way, sourcing own grown non-GMO, organic cotton. Using this cotton is great for the environment. This affordable brand is definitely one to have a browse at. Pact could be your new go to for all your basic fashion staples.

The next brand I recommend is Able. Now, Able is a fashion label which is all about feminism! They main USP is to help end generational poverty in south American countries where woman struggle to earn a basic wage. Able prides itself for their fair labour practices and the way in which they support their female workers to have a better quality of life.

So why not start today and make a stand in your community? We’re all in this together so let’s sort out this world one purchase at a time!


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