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Equality and Inclusion

CW: This article discusses topics of racism and disabilities which could be distressing to some readers.

The amount of effort and resources required for two different people to accomplish a common goal can differ tremendously. For example, some students may require more assistance and educational materials than their peers in order to complete a college education. Providing equitable resources that are tailored to the specific needs of communities and the people who live in them. Everyone, despite their color, race and origin should be entitled to healthcare services, education and shelter and equal job opportunities.

Organizations should consider people living with disabilities and include them in job offers and provide facilities that they may need while at work to ensure they work effectively. Some organizations are misogynistic and have unfavorable working conditions for their female counterparts. They should therefore try and change and engage their female counterparts equally, promote them as they deserve and remunerate them accordingly.


Caring for everyone equally despite the origin
Caring for everyone equally despite the origin

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