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Embrace Your Style to Love Your Body

Woman's self esteem within the Hospitality sector

In recent years, great emphasis has been placed on body image and the way people perceive themselves. This image refers to how comfortable we feel in our own body, but also, this image does not only mean the reflection we see in the mirror, it also means a reflection on our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and the emotions that this image gives us on our body.

The workforce in the hospitality industry is mostly predominantly by women, with a percentage of over 65%, we can find women in all branches of this industry, from cafes and restaurants to hotels and leisure centres. However, of this extraordinary percentage, only 20% occupy high executive positions. And now comes the question, is it fair to women on the front line, those who meet clients face to face, to wear a certain uniform within work environment? Is the uniform an asset of a company? What about accessories? We will discuss this topic in today's article.

Model: Cristiana Andreea Honciu

Women everywhere need to feel beautiful, appreciated, they need compliments to be able to build self-confidence and to show how strong they really are. I'm not saying that the uniform is not desired at work, it promotes the pride and image of a company, in order to gain the appreciation and trust of customers. It also creates the identity and professional image of a brand and offers uniqueness. Moreover, the uniforms are the way in which customers distinguish employees from other people, but also ensure the safety of employees and promote team spirit. However, it can affect the mood of employees whose identity is stolen. Ok, ok I understand, it is absolutely normal for any company to adhere to work ethic and offer their customers professionalism due to uniforms, but what do you think about accessories? Many companies have standards when it comes to accessories, such as banning earrings or jewellery, piercings or tattoos, nail polish or hair accessories. Women in this industry, an industry that is customer-oriented, should be given the opportunity to express themselves freely, to add colour to their outfits if they feel the need, to wear hair accessories or to wear a different shade of lipstick than the company allows them.

A woman is much happier and more confident when she feels good in her body, when she looks in the mirror and this image makes her smile, or when she receives compliments from those around her. The style differs from person to person, and creativity should not be stopped. Employees do not leave their body image at home, and mental health also depends a lot on this - how we feel in our body and what image we have of ourselves. Again, I'm not saying uniforms aren't good, but companies make mistakes without thinking that the mood of their employees can deteriorate because of factors like this - body image.

When you represent a company, and you have direct contact with customers, it is normal to have a certain position and ethics, because indeed you represent this company, but the question is, can you represent yourself through this company? Can you represent your identity and increase your self-esteem by using certain accessories? Can you be happy with your body image in the work environment?

Everything that happens around us, what is shown to us through social media, can sometimes come from the realm of fantasies, perfect bodies, shiny teeth, and enviable shapes, all of which already affect the self-esteem of women everywhere and raise questions about with the image we have of ourselves. Moreover, it can affect us emotionally and mentally and can decrease our productivity. So why not let a splash of colour make a difference? Women should be encouraged to express their style, creativity and represent their identity, in order to feel free, powerful, and confident, in any environment, and even more so in the work environment.


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